kids eat for £1 @ Kids Pass /  Frankie & bennys

kids eat for £1 @ Kids Pass / Frankie & bennys

Found 10th Jul 2017
Kids eat for £1 at frankie & bennys not sure if this is with kids pass only or in general.......either way great deal my kids love F&B's
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Kids pass is rubbish. I had one for a year and every where I took it even though the restaurant etc were on the kids pass list. The manager did not recognise it and refused it. I tried to use it for days out such as chessington where you have to phone a premium rate number to redeem the discount and received a massive phone bill in return.
Exactly kids pass is a waste of money, the discounts it offers can be found elsewhere easily enough
Yup, just cancelled my membership. This deal points you to F&B's own website!! its nothing to do with Kids Pass.
Frankie & Benney's is so overpriced I'm surprised people still visit them, even if kids eat free you'll still get wallet raped for your own meals.
Why do people eat at these places.. Grim

Why do people eat at these places.. Grim

I've certainly been plenty of times, though used to be because a friend had half price vouchers through a relative who had shares (or something like that) so we would often go there for big meet-ups. I never thought it was great and certainly wouldn't have paid full price but some people seem to enjoy it so fair enough - there's a lot of things I don't understand, and in fairness I like a McDonald's now and again so I guess I can't really judge anyone else's tastes!
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