Kid's electric guitar and amplifier on sale from 15 November
Kid's electric guitar and amplifier on sale from 15 November

Kid's electric guitar and amplifier on sale from 15 November

I was in my local Asda store yesterday when I saw a nice black and white electric guitar on a stand at Customer Services.

They wouldn't tell me how much it was as it was top secret, but they said that it would be a really good deal. I have been impressed by a few Asda deals of late so I expect it to be pretty competitive.

It had some knobs on and stuff so it must be good. Not sure how strong the amp is either.

It would make a nice Christmas pressie, but please don't hold me responsible for the terrible noises that are bound to come out of it!

Shame they aren't doing an adult one as I'm after a cheap one to get me started.


Hi if you're after a cheap electric guitar to start off please look at a Yamaha Pacifica 112 or similar variants. They're the best guitars you can get for the price.

Please don't buy some pap that will put you off guitars! I recommend you check out ebay should be able to pick some up on the cheap!


lol ... just because it had 'knobs' don't make it a good guitar

i saw it yesterday and it is 59.99..... looks full size... and very simlar to the the ebuyer deal a week or ago

Onsale in my local Asda £50

Saw it this evening - certainly NOT kids size - full size 22 fret Strat with small amp (5 watt I am guessing) - Was tempted to pick it up and give the rest of the shop a rendition of "Smoke On The Water" :oops:

On a serious side - these packages aint bad for starters but you get what you pay for - and as mentioned above - something like a cheap Yamaha or even a Fender Squire/Encore will also do the trick before you move up to a bad boy like an Ibanez 8-)

its been on sale for a week in 3 asdas near me for £50, I'm not sure but it looks full size if not its 3/4 size

Just seen this in my local Asda and can confirm the following -

Price £50
Size - Full
Amp - 10w
Guitar stand - Included
Guitar Carry Case - Included.

Can a mod exclude the word 'kids' from the thread title please.

Having taught guitar for over 27 years, I would think twice before buying a guitar from a greengrocer. Go to your local music shop and get proper advise.

Guitars need to be set up, tuned, and play well or you will put someone off for life.

can anyone tell me if this 'kids' electric guitar is any good for a beginner 15 year old girl??

thinking on buying it for my daughter.

email me on lil_ailz at hotmail.co.uk because i'll not be back on here to see a reply. thanks
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