Kids garden swing £6 in clearance at Sainsbury's in store nationwide

Kids garden swing £6 in clearance at Sainsbury's in store nationwide

LocalFound 12th Jun 2012
Bargain! 3 on shelf late morning in Swansea. Comments below show it is available nationwide. See photos I took on box in store in post #10.
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Bargain. Although, in hindsight, the swings in the park are better and they don't grow out of them so quickly.
This'l be store specific only !
was also in crayford yesterday got 3 of them
Any info on this swing apart from a photo of the price tag?
Think it's nationwide, as someone got one yesterday in the store I work at.
Is this the swing and frame or just the swing seat with ropes for attaching to tree branches / frame. if its the latter Lidl are doing them at this same price at the moment, bought one but not put it up yet.
There were 2 in Frome yesterday. Looks like swing and frame to me.
Daughter lovers it...even at full price!! I paid £20...she`s never off it!! She`s 7, and still plenty of swing left in it. Make sure you bed the legs down correctly as it`ll lift as they really start to take off! I used some large "spikes" knocked into the ground (surplus kit from trampoline ) PS, get some garden seed whilst you`re at it.... ;-)
I bough these for 15£ a month ago and they are pretty good. The quality is great and my kids love the swing.
Only glitch is the way they are set in the ground. There are 4 mini poles attached to the main frame which have to be dug in the ground. Not a big problem, but they come off the ground with normal use and have to be hammered back in from time to time.
If it was my own garden i would put some concrete.
Seconded re fastening down the swing. Took my kids to the house of a friend of my wife, and the bloody swing in the garden went over the first time they used it. They could have really hurt themselves.
Thanks. Just pick one up in Swindon, they had about 6 left.
Bought 2 at Heaton (Newcastle)

was there any left in newcastle?


Bought 2 at Heaton (Newcastle)

3 in Newbury store yesterday!
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