Kids Garden Toys £1 @ Poundland

Kids Garden Toys £1 @ Poundland

LocalFound 25th May 2017
A host of toys for your kids to use over what looks like it could be a great bank holiday weekend.

Decent quality for a pound and you won't be too disappointed if it gets broken after a couple of weeks.

Various things including sets for basketball, badminton, cricket, baseball, dodgeball, tennis, golf putting and baseball.
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I'm a regular at Poundland, but have found most of these last (literally) about 5 minutes. There are some good deals here, but these are 'throw away' toys
Cheap crap at Poundland, who'd of thought it!

I brought the basket ball hoop and ball for the back of my door and within less than a week it fell off the door even with 4 adhesive stickers and it being incredibly light but either way Poundland are very good in other areas. the home section seems to just keep getting better and better. lost count of the good-Amazing things i have found in poundland. They were kind enough to let me swap my product for anything else in the store without a receipt.
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