Kids Get Free Subway Travel During Summer Holidays - Glasgow

Kids Get Free Subway Travel During Summer Holidays - Glasgow

Found 9th Jun 2011
Children are to get free travel on Glasgow’s Subway during the school summer holidays.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has introduced the deal, which means parents will save £1.20 per child for each return journey.


I guess I'll heat this back up then. How can anyone vote free Subway travel as cold is beyond me!


So should we be watching for an increase in vandalism and muggings on the subway, or am I being too cynical?

In glasgow, there are not enough hours in the day for more mugging and vandalism.

Why are people voting this cold anyway? Instead of just hitting the button, come on and explain your reasons.

excellent, I'll just let them play on the subway all day for free!!!

Don't tell the torys about this.

Glasgow has an underground!! WOW...who would have believed it?? Have to vote HOT as i have learnt something today i.e. Glasgow has an underground.....really?!?!?

And yes it does....…way

Well done Scotland you are a pretty amazing place and have been for a long time so it seems. Very good addition to the union i would say

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It's also affectionately known as 'The Clockwork Orange' as when it was renovated in the 80's the carriages were orange and the trains just go round and round in a circle.
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