Kids Halloween Costumes from £2.00 @ Matalan

Kids Halloween Costumes from £2.00 @ Matalan

Found 18th Sep 2013
Maybe it's a bit keen , but I've started making our halloween costumes already
Really cheap accessories and costumes from Matalan starting at £2
Might as well get free delivery to store as there's lots of time left!
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hardly bargains, all full price
of course its a bargain, how many more places can you get costumes that cheap even if its not a reduced price. great offer thanks!
on a quick look on Asda and Tesco, they do dress's cheaper than Matalan. Tescos have even got a girls dress for £2. On the link from OP there are no dresses for £2
actually it IS a bargain because if you wait til other stores reduce prices you might not get the size you want
cheapest dress on Matalan is £10, Asda is only £6 and Tesco is only £2, maybe its staring me in the face but I cannot see how this is a bargain, why pay Matalan more when cheaper elsewhere.
seems really expensive on the site cheapest outfit I can see is baby outfit for £5 and its pretty basic
They had so e halloween costumes i store reduced to between 50-70% off.
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