Kids in the Hall, best of £7.39 del @

Kids in the Hall, best of £7.39 del @

Found 27th Feb 2008
This was a brilliant series and this 'best of' is only £7.39 plus you can get 4% Quidco if you've not shopped with them before.

Starring: David Foley, Paul Bellini, Kevin McDonald, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney
Award winning Canadian TV comedy series from 1988.

The Kids In The Hall was the collective name for a troupe of 5 comedians who performed a sketch show featuring an increasingly bizarre range of characters. Often highlighting the mundanities and absurdities of suburbia, the group would then develop them, stretching out the comic possibilities to the extreme.


Interactive menus, Biographies, Commentary (Four commentary tracks with the cast), Image gallery.


I really liked this show, but i'd rather hold out for full seasons, which have been ridiculously cheap in R1 land!

this was a really good show, wouldn't have missed an episode when it ran years ago, might just have to order this AND the tick animated series from amazon (posted ]HERE).....oh the memories

"I pinch your face."

Great show.

Quality show, 1 just ordered :thumbsup:

Heat added;-)

Excellent show - However although its better than nothing, I would recommend getting the entire 5 seasons (i have). They can be had for around 8-15 quid a season on import. I bought mine ages ago from and resellers. :thumbsup:

I was just watching clips of this show on Youtube this morning - fantastic show, forgot quite how good it actually was..........:thumbsup:

Heated but I'd back those recommending hunting out the full Region 1 boxsets....

lol, I can now show my hubby where I got my version "I'm squishing your head" whilst doing the action with index finger and thumb (rather than I'm "crushing" your head with motions) from....... I've been driving him nuts with it for years. :thumbsup:

Plus I always had a *thing* for David Foley - even to the point that when I'd hear him doing a voice for a character in say A Bugs Life as Flik, squeeling like a loon going "David Foley, David Foley" lol. Needless to say he doesn't take me to the cinema much anymore

On a side note, since Im with fellow KITH fans (most people havnt even heard of it) ... Might i also recommend you checkout 'The Wrong Guy'…36/ . Although again its R1 only. I saw it on channel Fives mid afternoon slot years ago (probably a decade), very funny :thumbsup:

Also if you are interested in the full set then Amazon is the cheapest and best place :…8-1 ... works out about 52.50 although i cant remember how much delivery normally is - sure its not much, and as always warning about customs (not that ive ever been required to pay customs). is where i bought all the seasons individually from - no problems.
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