Kids Labs-Dig A Skeleton-Brachiosaurus - £5.27 delivered @ Amazon!

Kids Labs-Dig A Skeleton-Brachiosaurus - £5.27 delivered @ Amazon!

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Found 9th Mar 2009
Be a Palaeontologist! Dig and excavate the skeleton of a mysterious prehistoric animal and then assemble the skeleton to form a dinosaur model. Each kit contains a "buried" dinosaur skeleton in a plaster block, a special digging tool and a brush along with detailed instructions and fun facts about the dinosaur.


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The kit cost £7.49 with £2.75 postage, shame, I would have bought at the lower price

?? £10.24 delivered as its not from Amazon?

nice one!

Just ordered the Stegosaurus version for £5.00 delivered.

they have thyese similar kits in whsmith 9.99 i think.

wud like to say tho v gud v v v messy!!

Good fun but harder work than you might expect and the powder/dust is messy and quite abrasive.
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