Kids Metal "Cyber" Mid Sleeper - £71.84 Delivered @ Littlewoods Direct

Kids Metal "Cyber" Mid Sleeper - £71.84 Delivered @ Littlewoods Direct

£71.84Very Deals
Found 1st Jan 2009
Been looking for one for my daughter. most came up as £100+ but with this code we got it for this great price....

Don't be deceived by the picture, it DOESN'T come with the drawers!

Available in 4 colours too...

- Mrs.Z
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Nice find. Has it been delivered to you yet? I'm still undecided as to if I should get another bunk bed or two of these for the two eldest kids as that is alot of storage space underneath. Suppose it wouldn't be hard to make a tent to hide around it.
No not had it delivered, ordered tonight and expected delivery date is showing as the 19th Jan. Hopefully sooner though!
Next sell the tents for these beds, the have 2 in the sale section for £7 each and they have 2 or 3 in the main section for £20. If you type 'den' into the search box on the NEXT website they should come up :thumbsup:

You can also find them on eBay

My daughter has a bed this size and it is ideal for storing underneath and still being a safe height - at this price I am considering ordering one for my son!

Isn't the £50 off phone code still working, anyone?
We have had the pink one for quite a while and we're really happy with it. We also got the bed tent from Next and it fits great

A superb deal
The only thing I can add is if you move around in your sleep and something 'warm' of yours touches the metal frame it feels really cold, I slept in one like these at a relatives house in Florida a few years back (it wasn't cold weather either) and I woke up several times during the night, Wood would be much better, great price though.
I got the EXACT same one last year for £77, first one had to be sent back as it wouldn't go together, the second one I got was better but was still a booger to put together, expect to lose 3 stone putting this thing up, I did it by myself though so you might want a helper!lol

Glad I got it though as its brill and LOADS can go underneath!! Well worth the money and the weight loss!!:p
Unexpire please........
Good find, thanks for bringing it to our attention have no idea what to get for the 2 older kids as their bunk beds are past it. This is another idea.
No idea why it's expired they are all in stock still :?:
I don't know either, any mods around to unexpire this??
great deal but whats the code am i looking in wrong place (i have had a few drinks lol )

great deal but whats the code am i looking in wrong place (i have had a … great deal but whats the code am i looking in wrong place (i have had a few drinks lol )

The one the op linked to the deal is,
sorry its me found it :oops:
So still expired??? WHY???

So still expired??? WHY???

Don't know shame as it's ideal for what we were looking for, even without the code, so some may have missed out :-(
The system fails then I guess...
Please Unexpire!!!!
nice ....heat and rep added
Still not expired!!!
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