Kids mid sleeper with slide and tent £119.99 delivered @ Brown Source Ltd / Ebay

Kids mid sleeper with slide and tent £119.99 delivered @ Brown Source Ltd / Ebay

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Found 3rd Nov 2016
my boys last bed broke, i'm broke too so was on the lookout for another bed that i could fit a fold up bed under and came across this after hours of searching.

looking at it i thought it was going to be cheap and nasty but budget allowing i had to get something, ordered sunday and it was delivered tuesday. have now put it together and am actually really pleased with it (i havent added the slide as boys room not big enough) feels sturdy enough to last a fair while and couldn't find another midsleeper with a straight down ladder rather than a pokey out one as my boy has an odd shaped box room, personally think it's a bargain price (cheapest tent i could find on its own was between 20-30 pounds)

reduced from 149.99 to 119.99

they also have the same in pink here…287?

pokey out ladder - no slide but tent and tunnel £127.99 reduced from 169.99…404?

pokey out ladder tent and tunnel in blue…545?

hope this helps someone
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good find op, heat added
Cheap material unfortunatly becareful with this as the wood is thin
Cheap junk, cold.
Thanks for the post as you say for people on a budget it's great! Ignore the negative comments, in sure your post will help someone.
its actually not that bad, had mine delivered yesterday put it up and the quality was better than i was expecting, the whole frame is quite sturdy (its by no means solid pine quality but price reflects that)

the only downside i would say with it is that the actual slats individually dont appear to be hugely strong but i managed to climb onto the bed after putting on the mattress causing no damage (and i have a fair bit of extra weight lol!)

i normally look for pre loved bargain beds but with my boys room being such a small and odd shape, the specifics of what i was after (straight down ladder mid sleeper) made it very difficult to find anything so had to look at new - could have gone for cheaper metal version but im not a lover of those and when i was looking for tents etc to go with it this one worked out the same if not less for wood - i picked up the white version and im pleased with it, hence my sharing it here after i had received and built
Cheers OP have been wanting to get one of these type of mid sleepers for the little one. And this will Do fine for his room.
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