Kids Sand Picnic Table £15 In-store @ Wilkinsons

Kids Sand Picnic Table £15 In-store @ Wilkinsons

Found 9th Sep 2010Made hot 14th Sep 2010
Went into Wilkinson and noticed they had a Kids Sand Picnic Table on for for £15. It was reduced from £75 then to £40. The £15 price may be a store clearance one.

Link provided doesn't seem to work so try this one:…035


Bought one when it was online, put it together last week. Woods a bit cheap and I don't think it will take a lot of moving about before it breaks but it's a great idea.
It might be worth stapling a bit of plastic to the bottom of the lid to prevent rain getting to the sand if you want to keep it dry.


Had the slightly smaller one online the other week for £15

Great price if you can find one. At £15 you couldn't make it even with cheap wood. you can always strengthen these and treat them to make them last a couple of years until the kids grow out of it


Good Value - these were selling for as high as £99 in the Summer. I think Argos had these at £47.00 Home Delivered. If you can find one at £15.00 Buy it !
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