Kids' savings account. Halifax Regular Saver 6% AER fixed.

Kids' savings account. Halifax Regular Saver 6% AER fixed.

Found 26th May 2014
The Halifax Kids' Regular Saver pays a whopping 6% AER, fixed for a year. However, you can only pay in £10-£100/mth and no withdrawals are allowed, but you can miss monthly deposits. You can only get it in Halifax branches.

As the 6% rate only lasts a year, the max pay-in is £1,200 - but at least the rate you're getting is huge. After a year, all the money is transferred to a Halifax Young Saver account (3.00% gross/AER on balances from £1 up to £20,000), if its rate's no good, then ditch and switch.
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I used to have these accounts for my sons, they originally paid 10% AER! We no longer have the option to get Halifax accounts in Scotland, my sons' accounts got cancelled and switched into Bank of Scotland accounts paying 1% without any notice. Great accounts for putting something away for when they're older, it soon builds up - there's also a junior ISA that pays 6% but it's locked away until the child is 18
been doing this for the past few years (they do stop the rate every now and again) best easy rate around that ive seen and simple to open. hell if you dont have your own kids borrow a neighbours!
Does anyone know if this can be operated through the post office please?
I need to renew my kids. had no time. They paid £70 in his account
Did this from when it was 10% but changed to childs isa at 6% if parent has isa.
Did this , but have to open new account every year. Lump sum stays in their 3% account. Did get told it was the same as putting regular amount in the 3% account rather than this 6% regular account. Halifax dumb staff!
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