Kids shoe sale -  Office -  Up to 50 %off Vans Converse

Kids shoe sale - Office - Up to 50 %off Vans Converse

Found 8th Dec 2013
Just came across this, Converse and Vans for children some as cheap as £13.00

Bargain i'd say


Hope they have sizes needed thanks

Any good adult converse deals about?

Thanks Op

Nice deal. Thanks for the shiny flamedeer

good deal - heat from me

Good deal thanks

some showing low stock now but I got mine so

Flamedeer =) Heat

Ridiculous on this instantly and escaped

Twitter Flamedeer thanks!

No i-deer?

thanks for flamedeer

Clicked witihin 4 seconds and gone?



White one

8 seconds and the flamedeer were gone : (

4th white Abominable

7 seconds and I still missed out......

Woohoo... Flamedeer... shame I've already got 3 of those!

which one was It/

I wasn't quick enough

Missed them Again

Impossible! I clicked the twitter link seconds after they posted it and they've gone! Pfft


Gone in 10 seconds

All Flamedeers caught in 11 seconds?

Bull crap

Literally 6 seconds and they've all gone?! (Flamedeers that is!)

Gone #flamedeer


Didn't get one

No flamedeer. Less than 20 secs

pfft 2 posts



Clicked witihin 4 seconds and gone?

Same here! WTF!

Escaped already?

so much hype for white candeled flamedeer....anyone got silver / gold?

white one only lol

none for me but I only found one about 20 minutes ago anyway

Clicked within a second of posting and theyre all gone!

All gone
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