Kids Star Wars clothes - Clone Wars HALF PRICE @ Asda
Been in Asda today and noticed boys Star Wars clothes were all half price, alot of the Lazy Town stuff is aswell.

Sorry didnt notice if any of the girls stuff was on sale, but i would imagine it would be!

Also had other clothes on sale too.

Stocked up with a load of character clothing for Xmas!

Some stock available online, but very limited on sizes


Can verufy the SW stuff, got my little lad a few. Star wars t-shirts for 2 quid!! Bargain!

Ta for that.

the crawley asda had loads of clothes on sale as well, could have bought loads if i'd had the money

Heat and rep added.

Just been down and spent a fortune on stuff for my 3.

Went for Star Wars stuff, ended up with that, Batman, Superman, Indiana Jones clothes & Pyjamas and god knows what else as well. lol
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