Kid's SWING seat and rope and hooks + other garden swing stuff - £5.99 @ ALDI

Kid's SWING seat and rope and hooks + other garden swing stuff - £5.99 @ ALDI

Found 20th May 2017
Was going to make a Swing for the kids in the garden - got the wood for poles etc, then shocked at prices for seats, rope, hooks I might as well have bought one complete. Then just seen this - At Aldi tomorrow! £5.99 ea can't be bad, I'll be getting some of the others too. Perfect timing!
Little Town Ring Trapeze, Little Town Climbing Rope, Little Town Disc Ring.…xt=
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shame it doesn't include the stand!
Do watch the wood on these things, I bought a rope ladder and it went mouldy very quickly.

I didn't buy from Aldi in the first instance but 'broom' handle quality wood isn't resilient.

I should have applied a clear stain I guess, I suggest buyers of this do the same.

Not a bad price but add the price of a preserve to the cost before you vote.
Thanks pre-ordered and free economy delivery. Looking at the description seems this is plastic and not wood, so no treating required.
Picked up the round disc swing thing and the pull up thingy majig this morning; thanks OP!
Grabbed the ring trapeze . the seats didn't look much good tbh.
We got the ring trapeze and the round seat swing, awesome additions to the treehouse
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