Kids Umbro football boots and trainers £1 @ asda in store

Kids Umbro football boots and trainers £1 @ asda in store

Found 23rd Jul 2018
Now all £1 was £18 ok not the best but will do for the kids to knock around in these was in asda hunts cross more then likely get cold votes because it's umbro


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Nice find !!
Super Hot
What is wrong with Umbro?
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Very nice, does anyone know if this is store specific?
gcmarcal4 m ago

What is wrong wit Umbro?

Wow! Good finds op!!
Being 30odd I love umbro... Its retro
I don't think my kids will turn into Pele by donning Adidas... umbro it is. Super hot from me!
gcmarcal5 h, 33 m ago

Seriously... what is going on?

The brand has died a death, they haven't really embraced the product changes in the sports industry as Nike and Adidas, New Balance, etc have, and they've struggled.

In football, they always prided themselves on being original, like their Speciali boots (always black) which were the boots of actual men, proper players. With every young person determined to follow the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Co wearing the fancy luminous skintight lightweight boots of today they've lost power in that market too.

Today, they mass produce cheap crap for the likes of Asda, Sports Direct etc and follow the Primark business model of sell as many as possible cheap.

I've got some stuff left over from the early 90's, its cool now not that I bother in reality, i'm no hipster, but it weighs a ton and it's not comfortable.

Hope that provides some insight
Oh, voted hot OP, not for the trainees, but for the football boots. They'll do plenty of growing kids a turn and ease the burden of mums around. I had them when I was a kid in Kirkdale
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