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Free Event Notting Hill Carnival (25th to 27th of Aug) West London
Found 25th Jul 2018Found 25th Jul 2018
Free Event Notting Hill Carnival (25th to 27th of Aug) West London
Join London’s biggest street party as the Notting Hill Carnival fills the streets of west London with Caribbean colours, music and flavours. The carnival takes place on the street… Read more
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I went once, if I'm to be punished in the next life then the flying spaghetti monster would find no better punishment for me than an eternity spent at the Notting Hill Carnival


Sometimes it depends who’s posting. I think had a Mod or Editor posted this, it would have been hot. Sometime ridiculous joke deals go hot and then other decent deals go cold. People have been good enough to explain there cold votes which is good. There’s nothing worse than a deal going cold and no comments to suggest why.


Can’t work out how things get hot & others cold. Many posts about day out local festivals go hot but some like this & Pride are cold. Though a lot of the Carnivals mentioned have already been. Puts me of posting local goings on. We went to Bristol Carnival it was great day out. May go to London one this year. Nice to have a fun free day out.


Shame people have such a negative attitude towards carnival , been so many times over the years and love it . Started taking my children when they were little , my daughter still goes now she's in her 20's. It does take some getting used to , for example it always runs late, the stages are just as much a part of carnival as the procession, yes it is always ridiculously busy so prepare to leave before you are dead on your feet because all the closest tubes will be closed, food is scrumptious, loos diabolical, music loud enough to give you a second heartbeat ( that's a plus for me ) . Take drinks with you ,any shops that stay open will have increased their prices threefold. In general people are there to have a good time , but with the sheer number of people there will always be some trouble, but we have never seen any directly. I do have sympathy for anyone who lives on the route though and surrounding area . Not sure I'm selling it here, it's just like a giant party though.


The annual stabathon.

101 free things to do in London
Found 30th Jun 2018Found 30th Jun 2018
101 free things to do in London
Explore London without breaking the bank - from top attractions to cutting edge comedy nights, there are plenty of places to visit in London for free. Give your credit card a rest… Read more



I went to the Science Museum just a couple of weeks back, BUT I was more than perplexed to see many of the gadgets I owned and loved on display as a curio from the past! Many of these Items - I STILL OWN AND USE!


There must be a conspiracy - they left out the free tour of the Freemason's Hall, which is as central as you like and quite fascinating - and very visually impressive.


Thanks for posting OP....HOT


I always find the earlier you book your tickets and break it down into 2 singles rather than a return ticket and if you can be flexible with your train times the cheaper it gets.

Free Lumiere Light Festival in London 18-21 January
Found 12th Jan 2018Found 12th Jan 2018
Free Lumiere Light Festival in London 18-21 January
Lumiere London is back! 18-21 January 2018. Bigger, brighter and bolder, the Lumiere London light festival returns for a spectacular second edition. More than 50 artworks reimagine… Read more



Oh you've been to Blackpool



What an absolute bargain! I've always wanted to be mugged at knifepoint and be around unfriendly people who are rude to me. Thanks for posting, see you in London!


Poor man's when was you in London last lol

2 FREE ICE SKATING TICKETS ON A £50 SPEND at London Designer Outlet
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
2 FREE ICE SKATING TICKETS ON A £50 SPEND at London Designer Outlet
2 free Ice Skating tickets worth upto £25 when you spend £50 at the London Designer Outlet situated in Wembley. Open between 18th November until 2nd January

details on link and picture

London Free Festival at The Scoop @
Found 16th Jul 2015Found 16th Jul 2015
London Free Festival at The Scoop @
Free sport on big screens in July, including tennis from Wimbledon, the Ashes cricket, cycling from Tour de France and F1 motor racing. Free theatre during August, including fami… Read more

You are very welcome. Thank you so much for your support.


Vaisakhi in London 2014 4th May Trafalgar Square celebrating Sikh formation day
LocalLocalFound 11th Apr 2014Found 11th Apr 2014
Vaisakhi in London 2014 4th May Trafalgar Square celebrating Sikh formation day
Thank you for taking time to read this post. The more heat the merrier but If the heat reached 1699 this will mean a lot as this is the year Sikhs have high regard for.... Annua… Read more
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Bumping this as it's coming soon :)




is st george's day being celebrated in the trafalgar square today???


Wadiyaaaaaaa... o changaaa mundiyaa



Chinese New Year in London
Found 2nd Feb 2014Found 2nd Feb 2014
Chinese New Year in London
Just a heads up that the main event is today starting with a parade along Charing Cross Road at 10am. I'm off up there in a bit! Hope I don't upset any triads.

Leicester Square WAS closed. :p


So do the buffets. All went up a quid overnight. Still good crazy madhouse, hot pot of fun. Amazing how many people think the buffet is the normal Chinese food. The don't know what they are missing.


It will be chaos as usual, but visit it if you have never been before. PS - A lot of the Chinese souvenirs go up in price on this day.


Trafalgar square is always buzzing at these celebrations.


It used to be a great event, in recent years its been a lot more commercial. A few years a go they used to have Leicester Sq closed and there were fireworks of a Chinese nature in there etc. If you have never been its well worth checking out!

Oyster 2 for 1 for London Attractions for a Limited Time
Found 10th Aug 2012Found 10th Aug 2012
2 for 1 offers for selected London attractions are now available for Oyster card holders as it's available for rail ticket holders. We're making it even easier to enjoy London thi… Read more
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Has this offer expired. Doesn't appear to but when I click the Get Deal link it's still showing full price all the way to the checkout. Am I being thich?? :-)


does this still works??




Oh yeah, HOT!


I was getting the same problem. As advised by pibpob, I'll just get one from the nearest London station when I get there this Friday.

Free pair of tickets-Best of Britain & Ireland 2010, 20/03/2010
Found 13th Feb 2010Found 13th Feb 2010
Free pair of tickets-Best of Britain & Ireland 2010, 20/03/2010 Free pair of tickets to the Best of Britain & Ireland expo at London's Olympia. Code- VLd8210 Description as… Read more
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Well I am a freebie hunter but was on a mission to try plan my families holidays for the next few breaks. In the end, missus let me down and so I went myself (less hands to carry stuff home) :x Did get loads of little freebies (Trolley Pound tokens, Car Tread readers, Keyring measuring tape, lollies, pens, pencils, rulers, balloons, decent cloth shopper bags - got a huge carrier bag worth enough for three kids! Picked up loads of leaflets - but must admit I did have to dump a few of the heavier ones before leaving the exhibition. I kept the leaflets and ensured I had a web reference to look at when I got home. I must have looked at over 150 places in UK afterwards :p As had already booked Easter at IoW and Summer 1/2 term in Cornwall (was held ~29 March 2009) these stands were great! Was impressed with every stand staff I spoke too - all seemed local to that area and not just spotty teenagers handing out promotional stuff. Got lots of into on Hadrians Wall, Stonehenge & Salisbury Cathedral (Wiltshire stand), IoW guy was a bit boring, but got plenty to plan our break (and did!), Condor Ferries, Penzance, North-East, Butlins(!), Blackpool, Portsmouth are the ones that stick out as they were more forthcoming. Met Henry the VIII and Spinnaker Tower (got piccie's too!) got a free massage at the end of the day! Food tasting was very popular with visitors - but as I'm on Halal diet - I popped out 1/2 way through and got a Chicken Burger meal for £2 before returning to resume! I have a few snacks and drinks to get through the day. Kids would have got bored - was not as good as Motorshow in 2008 - but this trip really showed me UK (well England) and helped planned the remainder of the school holiday trips! Would be worth paying for though I've never paid for any conference yet!


Excellent to hear! This will be a first for me. Were there any highlights from last year that you can recall?:-D


Had a great time last year. Thanks for posting and will def be there again. Had been looking out for these and Motoshow, gutted to find out Motoshow is cancelled this year!




Thanks for the deal... Got my tickets. No need to register to Visit London. Use the link -> ] and the above Code VLd8210

EAST. A Festival Championing the best of East London  LOTS OF FREE EVENTS
Found 11th Feb 2010Found 11th Feb 2010
EAST. A Festival Championing the best of East London LOTS OF FREE EVENTS
East is a six-day festival that celebrates the uniquely rich creative mix of East London. It takes place over six days from Thursday 4 March to Tuesday 9 March. This year's East … Read more

Cool. Hope you enjoy.


thanks Plum. might nip out after work or during lunch to go to some of these.


Voted hot, lots of free events, even though only in East London.

Free Jack The Ripper's London Walks!!
Found 3rd Nov 2009Found 3rd Nov 2009
Free Jack The Ripper's London Walks!!
FREE! Advance bookings only Departs Monday Nights @ 6pm Duration - 2.5 hours (approx.) Meeting Point - (Map) By the sun dial directly opposite Tower Hill underground station exit … Read more

I thought they were always free anyway. After all, they do walk around public streets so cant charge you for tagging along :)


Great find. Has anyone been on a tour with this company before? H&R.

National Express 2 Night Rail Offer @ from as little as £90.55pp
Found 6th Dec 2008Found 6th Dec 2008
National Express 2 Night Rail Offer @ from as little as £90.55pp
Enjoy a 2 night break in London with return rail travel from as little as £90.55pp This amazing 2 night offer is available for departures between 30 May 08 - 30 Apr 09 (excluding … Read more
JUMP at the Sadler's Wells
Found 23rd Apr 2008Found 23rd Apr 2008
JUMP at the Sadler's Wells
Jump is an adrenaline-packed display of Tae-kwon-do, jaw-dropping flips, dazzling acrobatics and sword fights crossed with a sit-com Best available seats for just £10, normally £2… Read more
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It's still a mystery to me how to actually vote hot/cold and see how a particular thread is rated? :oops:


Maybe their logic is "I don't want to see that"? Not a reason to vote cold, of course. Added some degrees myself. Almost not freezing now!


:xBeats me??? I'm FREEZING!!!!!


Why are people voting this cold? £10 for a theatre ticket is great value.


Excellent. I was planning to go but couldn't get that offer to work. Now, I realised that it's not valid in the weekend, but some of the best seats for a tenner is superb....even on a Thursday :)

Found 10th Feb 2007Found 10th Feb 2007
Not much time left but for those in London for 1/2 term next week. This is an amazing building to see. Looks as though you may need to book in advance though

Hehe at duvet day :) Duvets and Shakespeare what a comedy of errors :roll:


Thanx. Could not persuade my lot to go that far last year when we were there. Hope to make it in Oct. 1/2 term here is next week and I have only got 2 days planned and one of those is a duvet day!!


My kids have been here a few times with school and love it. I've been one and I to was impressed. Heat and rep added.