Kidspace Cyber Mid-sleeper Kids Bed Frame (with mattress offer!) £69.99 @ very + quidco

Kidspace Cyber Mid-sleeper Kids Bed Frame (with mattress offer!) £69.99 @ very + quidco

£69.11Very Deals
Found 17th Apr 2011
£6.95 for delivery but 6% Quidco cashback

Kidspace Cyber Mid-sleeper Kids Bed Frame with money-saving mattress offer.

Our Cyber mid sleeper children's bed is colourful, fun and helps save space by having plenty of storage area underneath its frame - ideal for helping clutter nutters get more organised!

The bright plastic sections at each end come in a range of fun colours.

Matching safety grip treads on the ladder actually glow in the dark for some time after the lights go out (PLEASE NOTE: black option does not glow in the dark).

Buy the bed only or add one of three selected mattress to make a SAVING (see 'mattress guide' below for more info).

If you're thinking about what could go under the bed, why not try the matching Cyber three-drawer shelving unit (item number WK697).

Useful info:

Cyber mid sleeper kids bed
Glow in the dark safety treads (except on black)
Buy bed frame only or add a mattress to SAVE
Dimensions: H 114cms; W 98.5cms; D 198cms
See below for more children's bedroom furniture

Mattress guide:
ALEX - economy mattress and has a medium open foil coil spring unit with insulator pad for extra comfort.
CHARLIE - standard mattress with double the filling of the Alex, stitch bond finish.
ASHLEY - premium mattress, 116% more filling than the Charlie. No need to turn; finished in a quality Belgium damask fabric.
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Excellent find - my eight year old daughter has had one of these for a couple of years (lilac) and we're very happy with it. Only downside is that it's not really suitable as a guest bed for older visitors lol...
V good price, voted HOT.
hot from me
Sorry but a bit dim, when I add the bed to basket it says with mattress, is this correct or do I have to add a mattress as well. Have tried adding all 3 mattresses and it comes up all at same price. Is this price for just the bed or with the mattress?
we have this bed for our boys, use it as a bunk bed, youngest just has a mattress underneath.

ordered and used a code for £30 off if you have a credit account
Can anyone tell me what the height of the space under the bed is please? I want to know if it's enough to fit the toy storage units under.
anyone had it confirmed the matress comes with this,reason i ask is it doesnt matter what mattress you pick it still only comes to £69.00
^^ I tried ringing them and they weren't sure about the mattress either
Looks got but think its an error,

we have this bed for our boys, use it as a bunk bed, youngest just has a … we have this bed for our boys, use it as a bunk bed, youngest just has a mattress underneath.

thats a really good idea, i was trying to decide what to do with my 11yr old and 2yr old girls and that sounds like a good alternative to proper bunks, thanks
^^ not very comfy though sleeping on a mattress on a floor, trust me I have done it for 2 weeks and my back was killing me
anyone got anymore news on the mattress situation,will try ringing myself when i get home from work
called them up,and the girl confirmed after a lot of checking the matress are included

called them up,and the girl confirmed after a lot of checking the matress … called them up,and the girl confirmed after a lot of checking the matress are included

They couldn't tell me anything, less than useless!! Wonder why all the mattress options were the same price though?? Not complaining though!
went back up to £100.00
anyone who ordered had a delivery date yet,mine still says awaiting stock estimated delivery 9th may,yet when you go on the website now and look it says delivery within 7 days
i got mine today but no mattress, so phoned them and they are now saying the mattress isnt included and trying to say it should of cost me £169 im waiting for a call back!!! ill be sending the bed back if i dont get the mattress as thts all i really wanted it for
Mine arrived today as well...needless to say no mattress either. Called their customer service line and whilst the person was friendly enough I was on 20 mins and got nowhere really. Basically they said the mattress deal wasn't taken up at the time of ordering (it was) so I said I'd forward an email containing the confirmation mail I got and my case re the misleading nature of their site and the fact that we followed all the steps to get a mattress. See what happens...

Can anyone thats had any joy or otehrwise post up and let us know? Cheers
Got my bed today and guess what no mattress!!!!! Fuming. I ordered with mattress and got email stating with mattress and after a heated phone call they say i have to call them back in a couple of days! Would rather go to there head office and scream at them for false advertising and not leave until I get my mattress!
Same here, bed arrived no mattress....called customer services whom basically accused me of making the off up!!! Emailed them a complaint letter along with the order confirmation that showed Mattress Included!! Grrr
no mattress here either, waiting for a phone call back!
Edited by: "oriental*lilly" 28th Apr 2011
Yup...I share your pain. their phone system is a joke and they assume you are an account holder even though I declined that option when ordering. So...after a 20 minute progress. Sent them an email yesterday with proof of the offer being taken up and today I got a standard email requesting that I verify my details in order to progress. Slow slow slow...hopefully we'll get some joy but I'm not holding my breath!
I ordered the same bed today, expecting a mattress too, of course its arrived without one! I phoned them up and she kept refering to the current web page for the item, not really getting that I ordered it nearly 2 weeks ago! Got a feeling I'm going to struggle to get anywhere with this!
I reckon they have messed up on their website (although not obvious as the item states special mattress offer, and not unreasonable that means mattress comes with item!) and they are going to refuse all knowledge. If they refuse to yield I will inform them of this site, and the numerous people with the same experience over the same period, and will threaten contacting consumer direct and the office of fair trading!
Edited by: "georgeheward" 7th May 2011
Just called them back, I think they must be aware of a problem now, as they didn't try to convince me I had got it wrong, but just said they will have to contact the spare parts dept who will then call me.... IN 5 - 7 WORKING DAYS!! Not on really! To top it all off as I was finishing the call she said "before you go we have a fantastic offer for you today ..." and started saying something about pillows. I cut her off and said I'd rather wait for my current order to be completed before I buy anything else thank you! I don't like to be rude, but common sense suggests you dont try a sales pitch on a VERY unhappy customer (no pun intended!)
I actually ordered mine from ISME for the same price as i have had an account with them(previously named marshall ward) for almost 10 years so it will be intersting to see what happens....
The funny thing is when the man delivered the one box he looked at me and said "now you are going to ask where the matress is" YES! was my reply and he said he has delivered dozns over the past couple of weeks and everyone has asked the same thing! Lol
Edited by: "oriental*lilly" 28th Apr 2011
I ordered mine on the day l saw it on Hotdeals with the best option mattress. Received the bed today - surprise! no mattress either. Rang 'customer services' also - ( l guess l wasn't the first to ring today (_;)... Explained all and confirmed l had an email def saying the £69 included the mattress. He told he would pass it onto a team to investigate and if l hadn't heard by next Wednesday to call them back... , however he gave the impression they would have to honour the deal. We'll see... the bed will go back if l don't get the mattress.
anyone had any joy from very regarding the mattreses,just had my despatch email on fri and i know the mattrsess isnt coming going but what has happened to everyone else...anyone have anymore info
A week after delivery still waiting for mattress. Had a phone call today asking for my evidence i.e the email confirmation. They are driving me crazy. Why cant they just admit they are wrong for a change and deliver us all our mattress's which we have rightfully ordered and paid for!!!!!!!???????
i phoned them wednesday morning and still not heard out back from them. going to leave it until tomorrow then going to phone them back!!!
After sending in my evidence last week I got an email apologising for my disapointment at not receiving a mattress and stating that my information had been passed to a different team for investigation and that they would contact me soon...nothing more yet!
Just a wee update re: the mattress. I rang customer services today and had to tell the whole story again - the lady passed it onto 'parts department'. Luckily a girl called Charlie rang me back a few hours later, arranged a return on the bed frame, and said to re order the bed deal (even at the new higher price) and when it was delivered they would refund the difference and would be charged the original £69 amount.... They are blaming a technical glitch were the mattress order did not go through properly... l would assume you would have to ring first to get this confirmed as a note was put on the system beside my details to authorise a refund. Hope this helps someone
hi the same happenend to me today i orderd 2 Toy Story Mid-sleeper Bed + Tent, Tower and Canopy (with mattress offer!) on the 23rd April they arrived today and you guessed it without the mattresses.
this was from K and Co and there customer server was very rude and saying i made the mistake.

they said they never had a "with matress offer" and quoting me what was on the page now and not when i purchased it.

told them i am going to take this up with watchdog
Still not heard anything from their 'other team'...sent a chaser mail yesterday and got their usual 24hr response auto reply. Guess what? 35 hours later and no reply...quality CS! Oh and just to pop the cherry on top we got a letter through this morning offering us insurance on our recently purchased bed...gotta laugh
i phoned them back the man on the other end of the phone was very rude to me and said i was lieing??? iv had enough and told them to collect it, iv never felt so belittled in my whole life. once i have had the bed credited to my account ill be closing it, never going to order from them again. oh and he said as a gesture of goodwill i wont get charged delivery charge, pfft absolute joke!!
Ive still not heard anything from other team either. Its been over a week now so do you think we could all sort out contacting trading standards/watchdog anyone else you can think of to name and shame them?
If people would like to send me their contact details via PM, I am going to create a letter to send to Consumer direct, OFT, Watchdog and other consumer rights shows/organisations, and it would be great to have several people involved.
I have sent a reply to Very after they told me my order was wrong for the umpteenth time, and so called parts department have failed to contact me, telling them I am going to do this if they do not send me my mattress. Strength in numbers!
Just had their auto reply back and the time for reply has changed from 24 to 48hrs!
Fantastic company this... couldn't organise a knees up in a brewery!
The bed was deliveried on Tuesday, of coz without matress. So I rang them up and been told someone is going to call me back within 24hrs. Surprisingly, they called me on Thursday and said the same - it was bed frame only. They've arranged the bed to be collected from my house next week and refund the delivery charge I've paid. I've said to him I,ve already taken half day off work waiting for the delivery and now I have to take sometime off again for it's collection. Are you going to reimburse me? and he said I have to put this in writing!

getting mine delivered on monday,allmost certainly without the mattress i think we should all go with georgeheward's idea pm him our details and inform comsumer direct,watchhdog and anyone else worth telling......power in numbers
hey georgeheward I cant PM im not an active enough member as i have only recently joined-gutted! please keep us up to date on how you get on.
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