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30% off Gulliver's Milton Keynes when you sign up for a 30 day Kids Pass trial for £1
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Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
30% off Gulliver's Milton Keynes when you sign up for a 30 day kids pass trial for £1 visit for a 30 day trial and then buy Gulliver's tickets 30% off.

I'm interested


I have a Gulliver Land Milton Keynes family of 4 ticket for £45. The ticket is valid till the end of August. We are unable to go due to some issues. Please let me know if you are interested.


Kids pass is a scam as you don't save anything in fact worse off - see post


Not been there in years, loved it. Thanks for sharing this @petefryatt


Is this available at the new rotherham gullivers?

Kids Pass Family pass 1 month trial for £1
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Posted 28th Jul 2019Posted 28th Jul 2019
Kids Pass Family pass 1 month trial for £1£1
Not sure this has been posted already but what a bargain. 30 days for £1 then can cancel after. I've saved loads. I booked 2 cinema days. A dinosaur experience. Let loose hull and … Read more
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How do you cancel this? Is it easy to do like online or do you have to do it in writing? Just thinking off setting one up for the trial while the holidays are in and being able to cancel at the end of not worthy to us?


Same happened to me even though I cancelled they still took the money. I contacted them and complained they said we can't refund.


AVOID!!!!! Cheaper to buy the deals direct and they will automatically take the 1st years subscription even if you have cancelled!! £40 down the drain


That's two.


The savings are good - especially for cinema and theme park tickets. They can be used with meerkat movies but unsure of sweet sundays. Average cineworld ticket £5 so bargain especially with meerkat! Lots of food offers and other activities also

£1 kids pass  trial membership
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Posted 17th Apr 2019Posted 17th Apr 2019
£1 kids pass trial membership£1£29.9997%
1 pass for all the family for £1. Cancel free before 60 days or automatic renewal for £29.99. Perfect for Easter holiday fun days out and may bank holidays. Up to 40% of cinema ti… Read more
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Don’t bother. There are very few good offers and those that are you can get if you Google anyway. Save a £1 and no risk of forgetting to cancel.


There doesn't seem to be alot on there that you don't get through work offers these days. However ifyou do decide to take it out then you can cancel immediately and keep it until the expiry date.


Beware.Make sure you cancel before the deal expires. I got stung for £49 only used kids pass once in the offer for a pound

Kids pass - 30 day trial (45 days with wuntu code) just £1 is back in time for half term (Keep those kids occupied for less)
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Posted 13th Feb 2019Posted 13th Feb 2019
Kids pass - 30 day trial (45 days with wuntu code) just £1 is back in time for half term (Keep those kids occupied for less)£1
Kids pass £1 for a 30 day free trial is back for a limited time. ***Update - WUNTU are doing an offer for £1 for a 45 day trial *** IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE YOUR MEMBERSHI… Read more

If you search kidspass at the top of hukd there is another post covering this.


Anything in there for yearly Cineworld pass?


Thank you OP, usual price comes at 94 pounds, so a good saving..


Hi, adults are £15 each, children aged 4-14 £19.75 each, pre-school aged 1-3 are £10 each. There is also a booking fee of £1.50 per booking. Just bear in mind that this gives you vouchers which you need to use to then prebook your slots at kidzania. Looking at the kidzania site direct they are booking up fast fir half term next week, so however you choose to book be fast!


Hi OP, What will be the price for Kidzania London during half term for 2 adults and 2 kids please .

Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39* (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) *Requires £1 trial.
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Posted 10th Jan 2019Posted 10th Jan 2019
Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39* (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) *Requires £1 trial.£156.39
I got this deal last year on this thread which is now expired.… Read more
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Hi. Before i join kidspass. Is the Cineworld annual pass still on the £3.99 offer membership? thanks in advance.


Seems to have gone now, sadly


If anyone has the cineworld annual code from kidspass and could let me have it would be very,very grateful, I tried signing up again won't let me


Was told by kids pass it was only available for people on the full memership


Are these still available?

Kids Pass - £1 for 30 days
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Posted 16th Aug 2018Posted 16th Aug 2018
Kids Pass - £1 for 30 days£1
Save up to 40% off at cinemas nationwide, including adult and child tickets seven days a week Save up to £57% on family days out. Access to thousands of exclusive family friendly… Read more

Had for a year but didnt really use at all. Some deals on meals on Saturdays which you cant get with a tastecard but not enough to make it worth subscribing to imho


You can find most of the deals yourself without the need for the card, they obviously hope that you'll forget to cancel in time ... Once renewed, they will steadfastly refuse to refund even though this is against the law. 'Customer service' is on par with those parking companies that issue you with a fine for overstaying in their 'private' car parks - be warned ...


+1. I had to write to them in order to cancel my membership. Oddly enough they “never received my letter of cancellation” and billed me for the annual pass anyway. Turns out they’d recently moved offices and hadn’t updated their address on the website!


You can also get £3.03 cashback through topcashback for signing up for the 30 days. I did, had a look through the offers and wasn't very impressed so cancelled the next day, still got my cashback so ended up £2 up (y)


I got a free year by buying a mop for £12. It's OK but very few of the deals I found are instant savings, so takes the spontaneity out of life, so you can't bundle the kids in the car and take them to Blue Planet half off, by flashing the card at the gate. We saved some good money on Alton Towers though, but probably only a couple of quid more than the vouchers floating around.

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WUNTU Free Kids Pass worth £39.99 FREE
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Posted 25th Jul 2018Posted 25th Jul 2018
Kids Pass is a family membership that gives you access to over 4,000 offers and discounts at UK venues including theme parks, cinemas, restaurants and many more plus discounts for … Read more
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Update: Finally got our money back. No Auto-renew was off, they just charged the debit card £39.99, threatened them with legal action as they refused to refund and eventually got my money back, had to ring bank to cancel the card and the girl knew about this company and told me that they get numerous calls about them taking money without consent every week, she advised us to cancel the card as they have taken money from people numerous times after cancelling, so I advise that you keep well away from this company. **** If anyone is having problems with this company even if you did leave auto-renew on please rest assured that you are entitled to your money back during the first 14 days of your 'Paid For' membership, but you will have to fight for your money back. Their terms does state the following: 3) Annual membership (non trial) (a) The cost of your annual membership will be advertised on our site and may vary from time to time. (b) Your membership will automatically renew on the same date each year (c) If you hold one of our plastic cards, we will ensure that your new card is with you on your annual renewal date to ensure that you are never without your pass. (d) You may cancel your membership at any time during the cancellation period, this is the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period commencing on the initial purchase of your card. If you cancel during this period: But, they to get out of refunding you by saying that the free trial or £1 trial membership covers the first 14 days, it does not, Term 3 clearly states 'Non Trial'. Send signed for delivery letters to the head office threatening legal action and cancel your payment card.


You must have had autorenew on? I never got charged.


Signed up for this deal and they have taken £39.99 from my partners account!


Probably, Meerkat even works with Wuntu Cineworld. It's worth a try anyway.


Anyone know if you can use meerkat with Cineworld ticket from kids pass?

Cheap Eating Out/Kids Eat Free Guide for the Summer Holidays
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Refreshed 19th Jul 2018Refreshed 19th Jul 2018
Cheap Eating Out/Kids Eat Free Guide for the Summer Holidays
Summer holidays are here again! Dining out with the family can get really expensive, but this guide could help you get some of the best deals for cheap eats and free meals for you… Read more

🔥 added Also @ yo sushi


What planet do you live on? We live in a 3 bed semi, pretty standard for a family, and although we grow runner beans and potatoes in a bag, there's really no room to grow anything else. As for hunting and fishing, if you're going to catch anything meaningful you need all sorts of permissions and licenses, which is way more expensive than most of us can handle. Unless you happen to own 100 acres in Scotland, sustaining such a wild and healthy lifestyle is beyond the reach of us 'average' families. Maybe if you had your own children you'd get off your soap box and be a bit more realistic with your points of view.


OK dodgy auto correct I guess, honestly i had only had 1 drink.


Erm, okay. What is 'bliis' though? :/


Ignorance is bliis and you are showing a great deal of bliss.

Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39 (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) Back in Stock
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39 (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals) Back in Stock£156.39
Do the free 1 month trial for last month and get discount cinema tickets. Not only that but they do a heavily discounted Cineworld unlimited card. You can get it f… Read more

Anyone know if this is available again?




As this is now over 4 months old, a new deal post is absolutely fine (y)


For the people asking, this deal is active again (can a mod reactivate or does it need to be reposted?). Worth noting that there is a £1 charge for the trial now, but the offer is there, I used it myself yesterday.


Thanks mate! did that work okay for you yes? al have a look on there then see what i can find :)

Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39 (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals)
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Posted 20th Dec 2017Posted 20th Dec 2017
Cineworld Unlimited card £156.39 (£174.95 including West End) instead of £214.80 via KidsPass (Do NOT post referrals)£156.39
Do the free 1 month trial for last month and get discount cinema tickets. Not only that but they do a heavily discounted Cineworld unlimited card. You can get it f… Read more

Just noticed Xexec currently have 'Cineworld Unlimited ADULT Pass excluding London's West End for £151'. Perhaps they're also coming back in stock at Kids Pass.


The same offers as kids pass then, maybe Cineworld stopped doing the pass codes for all these schemes. I've had a pass since 2003... this deal last year was the first time I'd not just paid the monthly fee. typical it would dry up the year after. Now to debate whether to go back to the monthly cost, given my local VUE which is closer to where I live does all films for £5, £4 on a monday... ( no idea how long this offer will last though) Cineworld does have IMAX, superscreens and 4DX all available at my closest ones though and 4 films a months is not unheard of for me.... Decisions.


For Cineworld, Xexec only show discounted tickets and discounted snacks, no annual passes. Also, I'm not sure if the scheme is open to new members as it's no longer on the Mid-Counties website.


Do they have unlimited passes on there? I can't see any on kids pass just now just normal tickets.


Oh right I’ve totally forgot how this works

kids eat for £1 @ Kids Pass /  Frankie & bennys
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Posted 10th Jul 2017Posted 10th Jul 2017
kids eat for £1 @ Kids Pass / Frankie & bennys£1
Kids eat for £1 at frankie & bennys not sure if this is with kids pass only or in general.......either way great deal my kids love F&B's

I've certainly been plenty of times, though used to be because a friend had half price vouchers through a relative who had shares (or something like that) so we would often go there for big meet-ups. I never thought it was great and certainly wouldn't have paid full price but some people seem to enjoy it so fair enough - there's a lot of things I don't understand, and in fairness I like a McDonald's now and again so I guess I can't really judge anyone else's tastes!


Why do people eat at these places.. Grim


Frankie & Benney's is so overpriced I'm surprised people still visit them, even if kids eat free you'll still get wallet raped for your own meals.


Yup, just cancelled my membership. This deal points you to F&B's own website!! its nothing to do with Kids Pass.


Exactly kids pass is a waste of money, the discounts it offers can be found elsewhere easily enough

Kids Pass (nationwide discounts) 31 day trial for £1
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Posted 12th Apr 2017Posted 12th Apr 2017
Kids Pass (nationwide discounts) 31 day trial for £1£1
Massive savings on family days out, attractions, restaurants, play centres etc... The card entitles discount to 4 people, so if you have anything planned during the school holiday… Read more

I wasnt able to change the link to get the 31 days


Not at all, I have used it a couple of times as got stung as I didn't cancel in time, had it for 8 months now and you can find similar offers elsewhere, best deal I had was kids eat free in hard rock, but it only applied to age 10 or under.


Nice find i will change the URL and people will get 2 more weeks for their £1


Does anyone know if this is worth it?


Great for lazy people. Alternatively you can just use google and find the same discounts for free

Drayton Manor Kids pass exclusive day On Sunday 26th March  for £10 with Kids Pass
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Posted 7th Mar 2017Posted 7th Mar 2017
Drayton Manor Kids pass exclusive day On Sunday 26th March for £10 with Kids Pass£10
Before they open to the general public for 2017, Drayton Manor Park is opening its doors exclusively to friends, family and Kids Pass members. On Sunday 26th March Kids Pass have … Read more

Was about to book then realised it is mothers day on 26th March


You must be a member, which you can get for a & £1 but the T&cs then state a automatic renewal of £29.99 5 days before that ends, with no option of opting out I can see.


Adults 12+ are £39 or £20 pre booked but if you have a kids pass you can get this offer for £10 a person


what are adult prices any discounts on them?


Sleaford Mods have a tune about this place.

Bounty Exclusive - £1 for 90 Days Kids Pass Membership
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Posted 24th Feb 2017Posted 24th Feb 2017
Bounty Exclusive - £1 for 90 Days Kids Pass Membership£1
Am not sure if this is posted before. Bounty Exclusive - £1 for 90 Days Kids Pass Membership Features & Benefits One Kids Pass covers the whole household! Up to 40% off at c… Read more
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Wasted £1. I know it's not much, but I really was irritated when they make out that you get so benefits, whereas really most of it is available on Google with a good search. Just like another poster said. Really wouldn't waste my time on it.


It's the same company just promoted by the Bounty corporate ****. You can get the same discounts with a bit of googling or worst case a few £s on ebay for the few attractions you actually want. Look at it this way, if it was amazing they'd be prepared to tell you all the places you can save money. Why hide that list if it's so great? They've been around years & it's the same crap every time you can get better deals from Tesco or on ebay if necessary for a fraction of the price. Theyre so dodgy they even use the same practice as these dodgy weightloss places pay £1 to join then in small print they raid you account for the full amount 30 days later unless you specifically cancel. To cancel you must send 5 copies of cancellation request hand delivered to a tiny wooden yurt on the summit of Everest, at which point you must get the letters stamped, signed for and then personally hand them over to a Blobfish called Bob who lives at the bottom of the Mariana trench, in order to avoid being billed this must all be done after the last week of the month but before the first of the following month. Complaints you can call our customer service hotline on 09901233321 calls cost £25/minute calls may last up to 2 hours.... :{


​thanks for the info.This ones from bounty tho.


Found this comment (at the bottom of the page) just so people are aware:

KidsPass - £1 for 90 days
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Posted 3rd Feb 2017Posted 3rd Feb 2017
KidsPass - £1 for 90 days£1
Features & Benefits One Kids Pass covers the whole household! Up to 40% off at cinemas nationwide, including adult and child tickets, 7 days a week Kids eat free at thousa… Read more

given them a go and they have just posted an EXCLUSIVE great offer if u like pizza and takeaway. £1 for a second pizza if u pickup or have delivered.


Had a proper look at it this morning. Kids eat free during certain hours Monday - Thursday at Giraffe, Hand Made Burger Co, Fayre & Square, Bella Italia and Bar Burrito. Although it states kids eat free at hundred of restaurants, the list is just every restaurant in each of those chains so not much choice and you can prob get this offer anyway. the attractions are the Merlins main ones plus Blackpool Pleasure beach (1 free child wristband with every full paid adult one.) Again you can get all these discounts elsewhere. The only other thing really is the reduced price cinema tickets, which ARE cheaper but the saving isn't enough to warrant paying the full price for this. I've arranged with my bank not to auto renew the membership


I got sucked into this too, tried to cancel when it auto renewed but they refused, so been stuck with it a year. Used a couple of times just so that I feel like I've had my money's worth, but similar deals available without the pass. Would not recommend at all.


well, I paid my quid and I looked at taking the grandkids to the cinema on Sunday. Without the kids pass the cost was £20.85 but with the pass it's £16.45 so I think I may make use of it at £1 for 90 days but I'm very unlikely to pay full price for it


Got it free for a year a couple of years ago. Never used it once. There's much better bargains looking elsewhere than using the card. Not many places accept it or have heard of it. Don't waste your £1. Plus getting loads of emails still even though I've unsubscribed.

Kids Eat FREE Guide - Don't break the bank eating out this Summer
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Posted 8th Aug 2016Posted 8th Aug 2016
Kids Eat FREE Guide - Don't break the bank eating out this Summer
The school holidays can be expensive, and eating out can soon add up! If you fancy a break from cooking, this is a fab way to feed the family and not break the bank. Check out t… Read more

Ha ha


Thanks sherbolton, I've added Sizzling pubs offer :)




At the las iguanas I go to it can be used in conjunction with the lunch time menu as long as you order a starter and a main off the lunch menu you can get a free kids meal


Worth noting that if you want to keep Kidspass after the 3 month trial, if you put in that it's "too expensive" when cancelling, they offer a membership at a huge discount, around £3 (normally £7.50) per month if I'm not mistaken. I decided to keep it as the Cineworld discount is pretty decent.

Money Saving Expert Kids Pass Membership - £1 for 100 days (33 days left)
Posted 2nd Aug 2016Posted 2nd Aug 2016
Money Saving Expert Kids Pass Membership - £1 for 100 days (33 days left)£1
Just found this, although only 33 days left. Looks like alot of useful stuff for £1.00

I just phoned the number on the website to cancel (0161 244 8225, I think). No problems that way & I'm pretty sure i did it the day before it was to be renewed. Also noticed that for the app I think you can sign up on a monthly basis for about £7.99 so thought that would work well for me if I was to use the offers.


I just signed up. Total waste time n a pound. They say 40% off cinema tickets but they work out more expensive than standard tickets. Plus nothing really else for us to use in Belfast. Gonna Facebook msg them see if I can cancel now


Balls just checked they have taken £39.99 yesterday, anyone know what my chances of cancelling and getting my money back, I haven't been able to even download the app as have Windows phone and amazon tablet.:(


I have the year subscription and it's saved me loads. Iv used it for Haven and I use it for the cinema.


I took this out 2 months ago, how do I cancel it before they take the subscription? Never used it.

Kids Pass Membership Just £1 for 90 Days.
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Posted 8th Jul 2016Posted 8th Jul 2016
Kids Pass Membership Just £1 for 90 Days.£1
The Kids Pass membership gives you access to hundreds of UK attractions with some deep savings which can be anywhere up to 57% off, which includes theme parks, bowling, family days… Read more

It's the Cineworld Unlimited card on offer with this card? Missed it last time


Not worth it!!! Had it for 90 days & never used it once! It's £39.99 a year after that & they don't warn you about renewal, they just take the money.


Not good reviews on these passes, be careful.

Oxygen trampoline park Manchester free on Sat 18th @ Kids Pass!
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Posted 16th Jun 2016Posted 16th Jun 2016
Oxygen trampoline park Manchester free on Sat 18th @ Kids Pass!
Free session at Oxygen trampoline park in Manchester, this Saturday 9-10am !
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yes they do but this is completely free ? you don't have to be a member??


yes they do but this is completely free ? you don't have to be a member??


yes they do but this is completely free ? you don't have to be a member??


KIDSPASS charges for membership. Moderator, move this post please.


is this still in its 10 days free for adults too as part of its opening

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristbands 2 Adults & 2 Children £15.25pp via KidsPass
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Posted 20th Apr 2016Posted 20th Apr 2016
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristbands 2 Adults & 2 Children £15.25pp via KidsPass£61
Was skipping through the kidspass app and noticed an offer for Blackpool Pleasure Beach Basically every time you buy an adult wristband on the gate (not online) you get a FREE chi… Read more

Anyone know if this is still valid? Don't wanna pay for the app if da Beach isn't on


I couldn't agree more, as a youngster I used to live a walk round with my mum & dad not even going on anything but now can't even do the same with my was lovely to walk round have a god on a ride or a game if you wanted too!


I took my kids last year and paid nothing for our wristbands. There is a gaming app where you build up points playing the game to use on vouchers for wristbands and free food and drinks. Its called Big One Buckle Up on the google play store. I'm not gonna lie it took about a month or so of casual playing to build up enough points but was worth it as ended up being a cheap day out in the end.


Rip off sorry ops, used to love taking kids for a walk round there, cost was zero and if they fancied a bit go we just paid per ride..... Miss a walk round there when we're in the area but to be made to pay to look round a place jeezas, their loss.... Greedy greedy greedy....


Watch kids pass.most of the offers can be found online or as above on cereal boxes without paying for a kids pass. They say kids eat free at Frankie &Bennies on Friday but that is open to everyone regardless of having a kids pass. Lots of complaints on their Facebook.