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KIK CBD E-Liquid 30mg 50/50 Mixed Berry Or Spearmint 10ml, In Store £1 In Poundland (Argyle Street, Glasgow)
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KIK CBD E-Liquid 30mg 50/50 Mixed Berry Or Spearmint 10ml, In Store £1 In Poundland (Argyle Street, Glasgow)

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

In store at Argyle Street, Glasgow tonight. I don't smoke or vape, I buy all these for my sister

KIK CBD E-Liquid 30mg 50/50 Mixed Berry Or Spearmint 10ml, £13303727.jpg3303727.jpg3303727.jpg3303727.jpgHere's a review of KIK Spearmint CBD (also available in Orange):

The comments for this video suggest there's also a 88vape 50mg CBD Juice for £1 out in the wild: cbd.88vape.com/col…all
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Other things (from yesterday, in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow):

ty toys, £2
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Kindred Soul Cool Miami Breeze Body Spray 200ml (Bergamot, Lemon, Violet, Lily, Sandalwood & Amber), £1
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38594258-AYO0f.jpgHasbro Lock Stars (think it's a keyring - was in Trongate as well), £138594258-BSncx.jpgI also found Fry's Chocolate Cream Raspberry bars in Trongate, Glasgow earlier
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"the general consensus is that the average shelf life of CBD oil is between 14 and 24 months, depending on how well you store it. If you still have your product after two years, it is recommended that you replace it, only because the oil may start to taste bad"
This will be pure crap cbd pull mixed with all sorts. Only stuff worth trying is full spectrum cbd
Yeah don't bother with the CBD. At 0.3% it isn't going to do a lot. i think the American stuff is at 70%, and even then it isn't full spectrum. Just grow a couple of plants for yourself if you're halfway serious about the stuff. At least then if you find it isn't the elixir you expected you'll at least feel a lot happier.
Greta looks older now that she’s grown a Goatee!
This is everything that’s wrong with the current state of marijuana laws in the UK.

DO NOT buy this, unbelievable Jeff.!!!!

I would even go as far as to call it potentially damaging to health, useful CBD oil is not cheap to make.. Uch..
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Marwood_Withnail02/10/2019 23:31


I did actually see Ed.Winchester's comment, sadly it's just part of being a woman (or having a female username) on the internet and best ignored.

As boyf was a bit whoopsie last night on tequila, I couldn't watch/hear the KIK CBD "reviews" from Green Winch on Youtube till today (there's one above, about Spearmint). The information offered is vague at best - he makes it clear he knows the owner of KIK and likes him (which could suggest he will go easy/be tentative with opinions). CBD content is "subjective" and, I would assume, pretty miniscule. So is there any benefit to buying this High Street CBD vape? Probably not.

Also already mentioned, but worth pointing out, from Youtube comments, 88vape apparently have a CBD £1 option as well which is 50mg but I'd assume that's too low an amount also. Not seen the 88vape options in stores yet.
Found at Meadowhall, just off M1 @ Sheffield. Staff didn't even know they sold it

38598648-dkQNc.jpg38598648-eJ8Zk.jpgTime for an independent review lol
Sis told me last night she buys full spectrum options which are 1000mg so I guess these Pound Shop options are small fry at best and not a true indicator of the benefits of CBD.
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