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Posted 19 December 2022

Kill Bill 2-Movie Collection - HD - £4.99 - iTunes

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"The Fourth Film By Quentin Tarantino"

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    I'd be all over this if it was in 4K
    I think it is worth the punt. Pulp Fiction had a recent upgrade to 4K and is under the current Miramax owner/distributor Paramount Pictures who took over from Lionsgate sometime around 2020?
    Unfortunately my Pulp Fiction purchased from 2017 did not receive the 4K upgrade

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    Wonder if the unedited Japanese version of Kill Bill Vol One will ever be released on the international market ? The main difference is that there is no switch to black and white during the lengthy and spectacular fight at The House Of Blue Leaves - which makes a big difference. (edited)
    The switch to black & white during the House of Blue Leaves scene is commonly assumed to be a demand of the MPAA to secure an R rating. In fact, that sequence was actually designed as an homage to '70s kung-fu movies such as 'Heroes Two', which aired on American TV with similar transitions to tone down the violence of their action scenes*. That's exactly the sort of obscure genre reference that Tarantino thrives on. He plays against the toning-down effect by making the scene as ridiculously over-the-top violent as he can, such that even in black & white it could never get past a TV censor. The conflict between these two opposing forces gives the scene its dynamic tension.
    The international edition of the movie with the color fight scene is not an "uncensored" version, per se. It's a cut of the film that Tarantino prepared specifically for the Japanese market. Instead of the "Old Klingon Proverb" at the beginning, it opens with a dedication to 'Battle Royale' director Kinji Fukasaku. Since Japanese TV censors never altered those old kung-fu movies to black & white, the Japanese audience wouldn't get the joke. As such, Tarantino decided to present the scene in garish colors, which instead functions as an homage to the B-movie work of Japanese directors like Seijun Suzuki.Both versions of the film were authorized by the director and both are equally valid. They each have their own artistic merits.

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    'You didn't think it was gonna be that easy, did you?”
    Silly Rabbit
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    Jennifer Lawrence looks alot different here