Kill bill vol 1 & 2 BLURAY boxset £17.98 @ Amazon

Kill bill vol 1 & 2 BLURAY boxset £17.98 @ Amazon

Found 28th Jan 2009Made hot 28th Jan 2009
Firstly thanks to amibees who posted the PLAY deal, that has now expired..
But it seems that Amazon have matched the price.
So you can still get these 2 films for £17.98


£9 each, can't grumble at that


nice price but i dont intend updating from dvd if i can help it!


Great price so voted hot but I personally thought the films were terrible..... sorry! :oops:

thankfully i've not got it on dvd lol

I did hear rumours that they were gonna release it as ONE film, like a grindhouse film......probably just rumors tho...or just a japan release like the full grindhouse dvd release was only in japan

hot hot hot!
great movies and best price i have seen

Was one of the lucky ones who got the deal. Posted today...

Great Deal. Good also how it keeps appearing but with different companies for those who missed out.

Before everyone starts having a go and stating ratings and imdb slaggings off.
I thought both films were good - 'Personal Choice'.


Great movies, Great price.


Great price also available on


Great price also available on

It is available but no longer at this price

great price........ bad films

ordered, cheers op

Nice price considering these were £30 just before xmas. Reference quality audio and video too.

I thought all such affiliate links were banned - I got suspended for crediting (not even linking to) one of my affiliate sites that turned up a deal.

These links are everywhere on HUKD today.


Don't see what harm is being done especially if the buyer is saving more … Don't see what harm is being done especially if the buyer is saving more and getting a better deal also - I am sure this is not going to offend anyone getting a hot deal and then getting +3.5%cashback

20% of your posts so far have had your referral link in them.



Thanks Grex9101.

Infraction issued to those using referral codes.

Nice one - Went to order from Play but expired then came across this link to Amazon :thumbsup:

took me some time tracking down the Uncut Jap R2 DVDs sent all the way from Japan, costing quite a bit too, OOP pretty muh everywhere.

I'll wait till the price comes down for the Uncut Jap BD set, or wait till Tarantino finally gets around to doing a Special/Collectors/Extended/Definitive Edition BD boxset loaded with extras (& with the fight scene in colour) before I'm upgrading.

looks like gone up :x

back to £31.98

expired now

Its still available on HMV website for 17.99 delivered but eta on stock is 7 days. At that price its worth the wait though!
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