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Killing Floor by Lee Child (Jack Reacher, Book 1), paperback, in-store @ Tesco (High Wycombe)

£1.25£575% off
In store: Buckinghamshire · Tesco Deals
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Found in the town centre branch. Thought it was a bargain for a 'real' book.

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  1. aayyup's avatar
    If you get the chance, listen to the Reacher books on Audible. Jeff Harding's narration is spot on. Close your eyes and you're there in the scene.
  2. Mr_Happy44's avatar
    Brilliant book. Got hooked on this book and have read every book in the series since
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    How does this fare in relation to the rest? I thought this was just ok, good but not great, but was planning to read the second at some point.
  3. Mail's avatar
    Great book, bargain at this price especially for free
  4. mayeston's avatar
    First published 25 years ago, 50p in charity shops. If a fan, you'll have read it long ago.
  5. Petereef's avatar
    Make Me is one of the best Reacher books in my humble opinion 🏻
  6. cb-uk's avatar
    The original Lee Child Reacher books are great, but try to avoid the more recent ones "co-written" with his half-wit brother Andrew (Lee comes up with outline, Andrew actually writes the book) as they are pale imitations of Lee's solo genius.
  7. Livid_man's avatar
    Back when the Reacher books were decent, instead of the formulaic, 'made for movie' dross they are now
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