Killing Joke - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns / Killing Joke / Outside The Gate CDs only £2.99 each @ HMV
Killing Joke - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns / Killing Joke / Outside The Gate  CDs only £2.99 each @ HMV

Killing Joke - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns / Killing Joke / Outside The Gate CDs only £2.99 each @ HMV

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Brighter Than A Thousand Suns: -

Prior to this recording, Killing Joke had banished itself to one of the far corners of the globe, anticipating an Armageddon that never materialised. When it returned, it set itself a fast and furious work pace that would beget a number of superb albums, which reached their apogee in BRIGHTER.
Unabashedly the most commercial release in their catalogue up to this point, BRIGHTER is a paean to Man's courage and persistence of vision, as well as a reflection of his folly: the destruction of his communities ("Goodbye to the Village"), the pillaging of his neighbors ("Sanity"), and the emasculation of his environments ("Wintergardens"). Melodic, majestic-sounding guitars dominate throughout, while poised and powerful rhythms and synthesizers help to strike home these stinging indictments. BRIGHTER stands as a grand and glorious achievement.

1. Adorations
2. Sanity
3. Chessboards
4. Twilight Of The Moral
5. Love Of The Masses
6. Southern Sky
7. Winter Gardens
8. Rubicon
9. Goodbye To The Village [CD & cassette only]
10. Victory [CD & cassette only]
11. Exile


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Killing Joke
* Q (7/01, p.86) - Included in Q's "50 Heaviest Albums of All Time" - "...The band backed its occult-inspired, apocalyptic message with tribal drums, rubber funk bass...and droning Black Sabbath guitars. A scary, slightly deranged sound..."
Uncut (9/03, p.102) - 4 stars out of 5 - "...Impending damnation, tribal rhythms and riffs like avalanches of white-hot granite - this is classic Killing Joke....A triumph indeed..."

Killing Joke: Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards); Geordie (guitar); Paul Raven (bass); Martin Atkins (drums).
Killing Joke's 1980 debut showed much promise from a band that would continue making cutting-edge political anti-rock for two decades. Beginning with "Requiem" and "Wardance," KILLING JOKE is a call to arms against social ills. Geordie's gravelly vocals, laid against a framework of crunching staccato guitar riffs and light synth accents, give this album a distinctively goth feel.
Punk was still the name of the game at this stage of Killing Joke's development, however, and "The Wait" and "Complications" provide punk fans with ample doses of aggressive rhythms and minimalist metal, while "Change" evokes a smoldering wasteland, or a steaming and stagnating social mire. The tension is palpable in these songs; the band's artistic ability and ideological agenda couldn't be confined to the limitations of punk rock. KILLING JOKE is an excellent sample of the band's repertoire, while only hinting at its talents.

Born out of the fires of England's first wave of post-punk, proto-industrial Killing Joke was always somehow apart from their contemporaries. Their music was harsher, their lyrics were angrier, and they had a penchant for heavy metal's guitar thunder. Those things never changed, and their sound never softened. Over the years, however, Killing Joke has incorporated dance and techno tropes, allowing them to vent at new and varied audiences. In 2003, the band's original line-up of Jaz Coleman, Geordie, and Youth reunited, backed by Raven and former Nirvana drummer/Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl.

* 1. Requiem
* 2. War Dance
* 3. Tomorrow's World
* 4. Bloodsport
* 5. Wait
* 6. Complications
* 7. SO 36
* 8. Primitive

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Outside The Gate
There has always been much argument amongst KJ fans as to whether this should have been a KJ album at all or a Jaz/Geordie side-project. I couldn't care less really. I just think it's a great album, though I don't think it's ever really been received that well. I've been a Killing Joke fan since 1981 and I don't think they've ever done anything as moving or beautiful as some of the songs on Outside The Gate (except for Exile and Goodbye To The Village from BTATS). My Love Of This Land, Tiahuanaco(show full description) and the title track Outside The Gate (now there's a powerful song) complete with it's plaintive piano/acoustic guitar outro, are just sublime. This re-mastered release doesn't really add much to the original release except for the previously unreleased Mayday which has gone down as one of my favourite KJ tracks. The one downpoint to this release is that it doesn't have Stay One Jump Ahead: Extended Mix on it. It's a shame that this album caused KJ to split and cause so much bitterness. But KJ wouldn't be KJ without such tensions. Ignore at your peril!

1. America
2. My Love Of This Land
3. Stay One Jump Ahead [Mixes]
4. Unto The Ends Of The Earth
5. Calling
6. Obsession
7. Tiahuanaco
8. Outside The Gate
9. America (1) [Mix
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