Killzone 2 (Platinum) PS3 - £12.99 @ HMV [plus Quidco]

Killzone 2 (Platinum) PS3 - £12.99 @ HMV [plus Quidco]

Found 21st Oct 2009Made hot 21st Oct 2009
Two years after the Helghast assault on Vekta, the ISA are taking the fight to Helghan.


Excellent game. 83% on metacritic.…ne2


crazy cheap, lets hope they do infamous plantinum at this price!

In terms of graphics this game was top notch...shame it didn't have a party mode tho....

TBF it's a cack game, overhyped, constantly hiccups to preload sections, I thought it was rubbish. Voted hot at the price though theres much worse for more pennies.

I have to agree that I didn't think much of this game, but at this price it is a good deal and worth playing, so a little heat from me too.

These deals are affecting my resale values on games I own! Great price though. Defo worth playing.

I enjoyed this game. I did struggle to complete the Palace section at the end.
Hot price.

I enjoyed the game and if you like fps its pretty pukka.Controls are good once you get used to them.Storys abit cack and the ending left me thinking was it all really worth it.7/10

Ok it didn't live up to the hype.
Still a great FPS and should not be missed at this price.
In multiplayer I tried to perceiver with the controls over a few months but gave up and went back to CoD

Thanks for this, was just about to order it for £15!

blah @ plantinum games... I brought it second hand for £12 =P.

Can I just say that I bought this when it was £9.99 at Blockbuster a few months ago and this game is absolutely awesome.

I'm not sure what anybody was complaining about, the storyline is good and the visuals and AI both beat MW2 hands-down. The ending is admittedly poo though and I have never tried to play it online.
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