Killzone 2 PS3 £29.94 or £24.98/£22.96/£20.97
Killzone 2 PS3 £29.94 or £24.98/£22.96/£20.97

Killzone 2 PS3 £29.94 or £24.98/£22.96/£20.97

Buy forBuy forBuy for£29.94
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Killzone 2 PS3
£24.99 + £4.95p&p = £29.94
Cheapest around at the moment
(£32.99 next cheapest but not in stock)
£24.98/£22.96 when part of an order
over £50 using £5 OFF voucher

So you could buy 2 copies
(1 for a friend or sell the second for a profit to CEX for £27)
and add a filler item to get up to £50

54 in stock SOLD OUT


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Possible PS3 filler items all cheaper than elsewhere:

Genji £5.99
Jericho £8.99
Conflict Denied Ops £9.99
Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground £9.99 ]here
Tiger Woods 2008 £9.99
Skate £12.99
Kung Fu Panda £14.99

wilkinsonsplus PS3 games clearance page ]here

Killzone 2 PS3 x 2 = £49.98
Genji PS3 £5.99
£4.95 p&p
Use £5 OFF Voucher
Total = £55.92 delivered
Get £27 from CEX for spare
Your Killzone 2 = £22.96

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CEX will pay you £27 cash for Killzone 2:
Killzone 2 (18)
Playstation3 Software
We sell for : £40.00
We buy for : £27.00
Give exchange : £32.00

It means you can make a profit
of over £2 on the second game

So making your Killzone only £22.96

Link to CEX Killzone price ]here

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Or you could buy 3 copies:
£24.99 x 3 = £74.97 + £4.95 - £5 = £74.92 delivered
Sell 2 to CEX £27 x 2 = £54

£74.97 - £54 = £20.97
So thats how to get a copy of Killzone 2 for £20.97
Which is exactly what I did

£30 delivered really though, isn't it? Unless you want a lot of hassle. Voting hot...

You could buy 13 copies and get it for nowt.......LOL

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Yep I understand

Its still £5 cheaper than anywhere else
even if you include postage which can be taken off

But for myself walking into CEX wasnt a lot of hassle
and the £5 off voucher cancelled out postage.

There are other alternatives as wilkinsonplus also
stock other titles cheaper than elsewhere some listed above.

Each to their own I guess,
though proven by the sales today
more people have bitten at this price since I posted
than when it was £28.99

All I can say is I have a new copy for £20.97 when
the next cheapest in stock is over £34

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In less than 12 hours which doesnt surprise me,
a licence to print money really.

By far the hottest deal I have posted here,
only got 52 heat whereas the Blu-Ray post was over 1500.

I guess things that save a quid or two are easier for people here to fathom
rather than items that save £15 and even make people an easy profit!

If you missed out you blew it.

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