Killzone 2 & Resistance 2 pre owned only £3.99 at Gamestation online

Killzone 2 & Resistance 2 pre owned only £3.99 at Gamestation online

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2 Great Games at 1 amazing price.

£3.99 each
- Bully

Only Resistance 2 Left now as killzone 2 is out of stock
- chrisvenn


resistance 2 now £7.98

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resistance 2 now £7.98

it still says £3.99 for me on the link above.

Killzone 2 says £3.99 preowned, yet when you add it to the basket it changes to £9.99?!?!

OK it changes to £3.99 at checkout AFTER basket. I also added a Gamestation reward card which comes up as free, but then my order has mysterious £10 added! Look at this:

Worked spot on for me on resistance, good deal

works for me, voted hot

Killzone worked fine, nice one

worked fine for me. Great. Thanks for the deal!

its 9.99 at checkout - bad price

worked fine for me got both for £7.98
trade them in when done and probably get same back
have some heat

Worked perfectly fine for me also. Heat added

Not working for me, so not hot from me sorry

guys maybe try a different browser im using firefox!

great deal, ordered. Loads more are same price as well although some are out of stock or near that point. Heat added.

Over and over and over again!

Anybody actually managed to check out with anything? It crashes with 'generic error' for me on Firefox, Chrome and IE8

That site is seriously fubar.

Seems to half price using ie.....but unusable.

ordered loads myself pretty much every £4 game they got going.

How? It's still crashing!

Successfully ordered Resistance 2 for £3.99. Cheers OP!

Checked Killzone 2 out of interest (already have it), and got an error as it was out of stock, despite saying it was in stock.

Just ordered Resistance 2 so thats another game to add to the shelf i dont have time to play thanks

Dont forget TopCashBack or Quidco and also add a reward card to your order if you havent got one already
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What browser are you using? I've used Firefox, Opera, IE8, Google Chrome on three different computers and even made new accounts and every single time it says 'Whoops, we've crashed! Dont' have a cow!' when I try to check out. I'm so annoyed I've missed out on all these cheap games!!
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Couldnt do this from home yesterday as it was showing up at 9.99 on Firefox and IE?, came into work this morning and managed to get it at 3.99!, weird site.


What browser are you using?

Im using firefox.

To those who couldn't get the right price, just keep trying to remove and re-add the product and it will work then.

Blimey shipped already!.

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Sent out yesterday morning & they've just arrived.great service.

mine arrived too, platinum disc in a original case?, it's all good tho.

Just received an e-mail which is an error message (written in java) from Gamestation - I'm going to assume it's meant to be a 'order posted' notice. Their website and database is clearly beyond FUBAR, and I'm concerned about security - I'm going to change my password for the hell of it.

My copy of MAG actually shipped! I'm not complaining at the price but the box is completely mangled and there's no manual.


both OOS now
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