Killzone 3: Helghast Edition (PS3) (New & Sealed) - £38 Delivered @ CeX

Killzone 3: Helghast Edition (PS3) (New & Sealed) - £38 Delivered @ CeX

Found 28th Apr 2011
Currently £44.99 at HMV. Says (S) in the title meaning SEALED.

Not to bad of a price for a decent collector's edition. CEX are not the fastest company ever and takes about a week for them to despatch your orders. But your saving £7.

40 instock online at the time off typing this.


New from CeX? No...



New from CeX? No...

well yes actually as (S) means sealed, so if they send it unsealed then send back.

Its new but when it gets to CeX, they open it all open to check all the content and put it back.

Personally there customer service and online buying has some very bad feedback from people. I would suggest people go instore and get this. If they send a wrong item to you from online (as they have done alot in the past), you can avoid that with instore.

Also sometimes the conition of the items they send is beyond a joke.

Further just to add, looking at how much stock HMV we do have the prices should be dropping sometime soon again, it just a matter of waiting. I think this edition will be around £24.99 - £29.99 in summer. Hopefully they dont go bust by then. (_;)

But for now, good price and heat added.


In all fairness, I bought Band Hero from CEX just after it first came out.. They said it was sealed, and when it arrived it was indeed sealed..

(s) actually means in sealed condition, ie no codes have been used

Actually spoke about this with the manager at my local CEX today ironically. Anyway, he told me S doesn't mean sealed or even new, it simply means the special codes have not been used, because the code sheets are overs that they sometimes get and add to the preowned range. As he already stated today, this edition was an HMV exclusive, so non of there edition are 'New'. Still great price though, best £45 I spent on a game in a very long time when I got it from HMV.

Just to add further, I'm personally not saying S isn't sealed, just what I was told by an employee. If others have recieved plastic packaging sealed items in the past then that's all good.

I bought Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor Ltd Edition from CeX recently; both had "(s)" in the title, but neither were sealed. However, all the DLC and codes were in tact, and DS2 had a note saying that the game was sealed when brought in. If I didn't already have KZ3 and the Retro Map Pack, I'd get this.
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