Killzone 3 (PS3) - £12.99 Delivered (Using Code) @ PriceMinister Sold by Gzoop

Killzone 3 (PS3) - £12.99 Delivered (Using Code) @ PriceMinister Sold by Gzoop

Found 29th Sep 2011

Visari, the leader of the Helghast is gone, but the war is far from over. Helghast forces have mounted a devastating counterattack, prompting the ISA (Interplanetary Strategic Alliance) evacuation of planet Helghan. As new Helghast battalions appear, armed with more powerful weapons, ISA forces find themselves outmanned, outgunned and surrounded. Players of Killzone 3 will need to learn more about their enemy and use new tools to continue the fight.

PlayStation Move integration into Killzone 3 is one of these new tools. Although the DualShock 3 controller is of course supported, the two controllers of the PlayStation Move system (Move and Navigational) are also usable at every stage of the game. Use the Motion Controller as a site for your weapon and pointer that changes your view of the horizon onscreen, while the Navigational controller provides movement as well as auto-aiming functionality. The sensitivity of the Move controller can be altered via the game's setting menu. With a subtle gesture the Move Motion controller can also reload a weapon, pick up items and ammo on the battlefield, as well as unleash a brutal melee attack within close range of an enemy. Additional features of the game as a whole include: the ability to carry two primary weapons in addition to your piston and knife, jet pack functionality seen in earlier games, fully destructible environments and online multiplayer support.
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good price
I swear you stalk Gzoop deals only. Hot though.
Natwest charge me an additional £1.25 for priceminister orders because they are located abroad. Something to bare in mind
Awesome price HOT
Isn't this supposed to be a flagship PS3 game? Why is it always in the bargain bin?

Isn't this supposed to be a flagship PS3 game? Why is it always in the … Isn't this supposed to be a flagship PS3 game? Why is it always in the bargain bin?

Its gone Platinum , also there are so so so many exclusives on PS3 that unlike on say for instance the 360 which has had nothing this year so far but the to be frank quite mediocre Gears 3 hence such high sales - due to exclusive game starved 360 players !
Poor mans GT5 - Forza is coming soon which should hopefully help make 360 owners feel a little less green and perhaps give them less time to spend trolling PS3 deals !
Troll on minerwilly I have both systems and Your childish explanation just does not hold true . Good price for game tho
good price , excellent game
I found it difficult to get into this as the controls felt a bit sluggish compared with COD.
HOT....great price for a great game......however, I do feel that the online community for this game is going to diminish soon due to the glut of titles being released Oct/Nov
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