kinder joy £1 @ co-op

kinder joy £1 @ co-op

Found 30th Dec 2015
Found these at Co-op in Tottenham Court Road London area.

I haven't seen these before in the UK until now.

These are not the usual Kinder Eggs. One side has the toy and the other has the chocolate.
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They are available everywhere I believe even in the corner grocery shop near my house.
never saw these in UK either! haha
I love these. They are like kinder egg shaped but in plastic containers that pull in half and you eat with a spoon (provided). No toy but the googy kinder chocolate is lovely. Often have them on holiday, rarely seen in the UK although I have caught them occasionally. Thanks, heat added for the kinder lovers.
Ps might be worth adding to description as I think others are ignoring the 'joy' bit and thinking they are normal kinder eggs
I absolutely
Love these thank you x
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