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Amazon Kindle (11th Generation) eReader, 6” High Resolution Illuminated Touch Screen, 16GB (With Ads) - £74.99

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Amazon has a wait of multiple months and John Lewis is almost out of stock so here is another great deal on this device. This item is relatively new so there aren't many sales on this

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This 11th generation (2022) Kindle, with a 6" screen, has an upgraded high-resolution display, double the storage of the previous model, longer battery life, plus USB-C charging. Its 300 pixels per inch display won't tire your eyes, providing great readability, with font sizes to suit your mood, and allows you to enjoy a huge range of books in all environments.

Built-in adjustable front light
Kindle features an innovative built-in adjustable front light to deliver a brighter, evenly-lit display. It guides light from above towards the display instead of projecting it towards the users eyes like with a traditional backlit display, reducing the chance of screen fatigue. It illuminates the screen instead of the entire room, so you can read in the dark without disturbing others. And dark mode feature lets you read comfortably indoors and outdoors, any time of the day.

Recharge once a month, not once a day
Kindle benefits from an incredibly long battery life. You'll be able to go for up to six weeks without needing to recharge. The included USB cable makes it simple to recharge too- simply plug into any chargeable USB port or plug adapter to reinvigorate your Kindle's battery.

Kindle can download books through your computer and the supplied USB cable, or directly onto your device using Wi-Fi, either at home or through Wi-Fi hotspots. Downloads are quick and easy, with books available to read in as little as 60 seconds.

Listen to the stories
Use Audible on your Kindle to get access to over 200,000 audiobooks, perfect for when you want to rest your eyes but don't want to storytelling to stop.

Pair your device with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to allow you to freely move about your house as you switch from reading to listening. Or connect the Kindle to your car speakers using Bluetooth to let the whole family enjoy the unfolding tale on your next car journey.

A library in your pocket
There are over 3 million books, newspapers and magazines available for you to download and enjoy from the Kindle store – so you won't be short of reading options. Including more than a million free books; choose from classics like Pride and Prejudice or Treasure Island.

With over 500,000 titles that are exclusive to Kindle. You can store thousands of books on a Kindle, making moving from one book to the next with ease. It'll also help substantially reduce luggage weight for keen holiday readers!

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This version comes with Special Offers, which means you'll receive Sponsored Screensavers and special offers directly on to your device. To unsubscribe from this service you will be charged a one-time payment by Amazon.

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    You can write to Amazon support to say that you moved to a country where Kindle isn’t officially supported and they will turn the ads off for you.
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    How does the ads system work on these?
    I bought both at xmas. Definitely not worth paying for the one without ads.
    The only ad is when you are not reading it, there is an add for a screen saver. Its not intrusive at all
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    Multiple months wait at Amazon? Showing as 2 weeks for me.