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Kindle eBook: 77 Python Advanced Programming Exercises - 99p at Amazon

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Posted 9th Mar 2022

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Have fun learning !!

US Link:amazon.com/77-…FMJ

This Book consist of 77 python advanced exercises – High level of coding exercises to practice different topics.
In each exercise we have given the exercise coding statement you need to complete and verify your answers. We also attached our own input output screen of each exercise and their solutions.
This book will also prepare you for Coding Interviews and Enhance your skillset.
Learners can use their own python compiler in their system or can use any online compilers available.
We have covered all level of exercises in this book to give all the learners a good and efficient Learning method to do hands on python different scenarios.

Main Topics Covered in 77 python advanced programming exercises are as follow:
  • Decimal system, binary system
  • Compression
  • Object oriented programming
  • Prime and composite numbers
  • Palindromic numbers
  • Arithmetic
  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Gcd
  • Hamming distance
  • Scrabble game
  • Work with JSON and CSV files
  • ETL processing
  • Spiral matrices
  • Input / output operations
  • Object serialization - pickle
  • Sqlite databases - sqlite3
  • Levenshtein distance
  • Caesar Cipher
  • Bitwise AND, OR, XOR
  • Functional programming
  • Inheritance from built-in classes
  • Morse code
  • Monte Carlo method
  • Calculation of moving averages and minima
  • Implementation of the Stack class, Matrix class, Queue class
  • Calculations in Python
  • Slicing
  • Strings, and str methods
  • Data types
  • Data structures: set. Tuple, list, dict
  • Program flow control
  • If statement
  • For loops
  • Break statement
  • Continue statement
  • While loops
  • The parentheses validator
  • HTML document validator
  • And so much more.

Target Audience:

1. Any candidate who wants to improve python skills.
2. Any candidate who wants to solve more complex exercises.
3. Any candidate who wants to prepare for coding interviews.
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