Kindle Paperwhite Used - Good. £51.98 via Amazon Warehouse

Kindle Paperwhite Used - Good. £51.98 via Amazon Warehouse

Found 21st Nov 2016
£64.98 used on Amazon - 20% for the black Friday deal comes out ~ £52. Assume low stock, but extremely cheap for this price while it lasts.

Model B00CTUKFNQ - Unsure what year
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if you're buying used, CEX do these for £40 quid
How many versions of the paperwhite is there? is this number 1?
This is the 2013 Paperwhite
Are you sure its the 300ppi? Maybe an earlier version?
sounds like it's just the one item ... it's definitely. not latest version as it has a white kindle logo ... whether it's the 300 dpi or earlier depends on the back which they don't show the original has kindle on the back the 300dpi's have amazon on the back ... I think ?
This is the second version of the paperwhite, without the 300dpi, but with a supposedly better light facility than the first generation (I bought one and returned it after comparing it to my 1st gen - it was the same, but was a little brighter for the same setting on the 1st gen, i.e. not worth the upgrade for me). The original, and iirc, this one, also only have 2GB of storage rather than the 4GB on later models. This looks seriously like a false economy to me over the latest PW for £79.99. HTH.
Can confirm that it is not the 300ppi version. Amazon chat confirmed for me and cancelled my order.
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