Kindle reading lamps £1 at Poundland

Kindle reading lamps £1 at Poundland

Found 30th Nov 2011
Found these Kindle reading lamps whilst picking up some colouring pencils for my daughter. They are in the Rugby store but guess they will be sold everywhere? It will make a fantastic stocking filler for those that own a Kindle or for those that will be getting one.
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tried 6 different one from poundland, longest lasted 1 hour!!! Bargain for a pound but they didnt work for me
thanks for the info macca.
I got a mighty bright off amazon which i believe is designed for music stands?

Recommend it unless you move the head around a lot as its a little dodgy connection wise
Bought one of these and it literally fell apart minutes after opening the pack. There is a reason these were dumped on pound stores. We have two of the Mighty Brights in our house; they're wonderful. Thought I'd try this cheapie as a spare and totally not worth it.
These things are great. I brought one awhile ago

These things are great. I brought one awhile ago

"...brought..." - LOL!

"...brought..." - LOL!

Nice one, put people off posting to satisfy your ego, that'll strengthen the community!
Bought two of these, one as a spare, first one has been going fine for weeks, light (as in not heavy!) and clips nicely onto the leather case my Kindle is in, very effective light, nice and bright and good coverage. Three friends at work bought one on my recommendation and they're all mighty happy with them, all working, all intact...!

Tantrum time! I posted this the other week - how come my post only got 29° ?

I'd feel like a kid playing on a Gameboy after bedtime...
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I'm pleased to announce that mine has passed the hour mark now and still going strong, (guess they won't be fitted with the best battery's for a quid!). And apologies to Mentalist, better luck next time
I picked one up last week sometimes, and its pretty good. Suprisingly bright too.
Picked one up when this was originally on offer - Works fine for me, the kids love it as a night light clipped to the door handle too!!
I use a bedside lamp, works great and battery seems to last forever
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I use a bedside lamp, works great and battery seems to last forever

Thats amazing when your on the train!
Its a good lamp indeed, been using it all week for about one hour per day and still going strong.
Takes CR2032 cell type battery, like those ones that go in digital scales.

fits on the kindle very nicely.
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