Kinect (Project Natal) Xbox 360 - Pre Order @ £129.99 @ Blockbuster

Kinect (Project Natal) Xbox 360 - Pre Order @ £129.99 @ Blockbuster

Found 15th Jun 2010
Pre-order (for November) Kinect here for £129.99 to secure your copy. There is no officilal RRP yet, but with extremely high demand, this could be well worth securing a copy if you are wanting one (especially for christmas!).
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I heard the rrp was £129.99
extremely high demand?? I very much doubt that tbh-this will bomb worse than the tony hawk skateboard gadget and dj hero.

I heard the rrp was £129.99

There is not one official RRP price yet, it's all rumours ...
I'd like to order a Mega CD and a 3DO at the same time please. Or how about a Gizmondo? Yes please! Phhh. Motion Control. That's so 2006. I remember that fad.
It's the ]Sega 32x all over again! :thumbsup:
Or just use the Wii!
I'm willing to pay up to £70 as long as it comes with a free game like kinetic sports or kineticmals :thumbsup:
The games look rubbish and those of us who don't want to rebuy the same console will have yet another plug. I'm running out of sockets.

Maybe it's time to get rid of the HD-DVD?
$ADZ$, although i like your avatar, but this is a expensive item for a gaming system! cold for me
i have to agree with these boys, this is gonna bomb bigtime and will start falling in price, the fact that anyone with an xbox that ISNT the new slim will need another power supply to run it kinda does it for me

A price of over £50 is too much, at this price forget it!

When they first announced Natal, it seemed like it was actually some impressive technology. Looking at the E3 presentation, it seems like a mildly improved Eyetoy.

Unless microsoft realise that the games need a *lot* more imagination, this is gonna be a disaster.
PS Move has just been announced at 50 dollars.
dam... not worth it!... as i've been saying for years, if i wanted to jump around while playing games i'd have bought a wii.... i like sitting on my ass with a beer playing!!.... not impressed! should be £50 max!
Weenie Beenie;8846207

PS Move has just been announced at 50 dollars.

Not quite, from engadget.....…al/
Well, Sony didn't waste too much time in announcing the ][COLOR=#00bdf6]Move[/COLOR] details you've been waiting for -- the complete PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle with the PlayStation Eye, Move and a game will run $99.99, while the Move controller itself will set you back $49.99, and the optional navigation controller is $29.99. Anyone that doesn't already have a PS3 will also be able to pick up a new console bundle containing everything for $399.99. Somewhat interestingly, folks in Europe will be able to get their hands on the Move before anyone else on September 15th, but North American games won't have to wait too much longer to get theirs -- it'll be available over here on September 19th.
Xbox Stepto after questioning PS3 moves pricing via his twitter account.....
Calm down people I know we have not announced Kinect pricing yet I'm not complaining about the Move price just trying to understand it.
So i wouldn't take blockbuster's £129.99 as gospel!
yep sony needs

a playstation eye, a move controller (for each player), a navigation controller (for each player)

rip off!
You'd be as well paying less than a tenner for You're In the Movies. Same drunken novelty factor & would be a cheaper dust catcher.
Cost more than the console....thats a no from me then! Unless I can download one
Same price as a Wii? Crazy.

Would be nice in a bundle with the new Xbox Slim at a much reduced price.
I think the sad bit is amongst all the inevitable bickering that arises with consoles.., you will in all probability have to hand some money over in advance to a company that in all likelihood will be down the pan in a few weeks, Is it not blockbuster who are teetering on the brink of administration? ..therefore hand over money at your peril unless the product is for an over the counter transaction with the goods already there.
Shocking price for what is essentially a webcam and IR camera.
I'm probably going to get crucified for this, but having seen some of the E3 coverage I actual think this thing looks pretty cool. Not sure about the price though £50 - £70 seems about right.

what a joke … what a joke

think this could / should be the coldest deal ever!

think this could / should be the coldest deal ever!

Great :oops:
if anyone needs to know more about this technology

and its more than just a eyetoy. this is far more advanced

no official price yet but the rumour is £100 or under the price is going to be revealed at gamescom 2010
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