Kinect Sensor (with Kinect Adventures) £89.86 @

Kinect Sensor (with Kinect Adventures) £89.86 @

Found 2nd Dec 2011
Seems a good deal for just the sensor and game especially if you're not a fan of the bundled packages.

Assume no quidco as it says no hardware (would be 4%).
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Must only have come into stock as I looked earlier today when it said 'pre-order' which has been like that for a few weeks minimum now - though this was with a free download for the game Child of Eden as well.…958

Best price at the moment then...
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£89.99 from Game now I see on their Advent daily deals [today 3rd only]…ers
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Why has my previous post been removed !!!

£84.99 at shop in Blackburn for those in the NW.....
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Pjcity : Someone posted same deal just after maybe you posted on that one?

Faythur; cheers for game link. Quidco 1.5% on game hardware (better than nothing!)
I was looking for this and was out of stock. So I went to my local HMV and its £89 in hmv with sports season 2 or disney or £89 in game with sports 1 or the dancing game.

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