King Arthur PC Game only £1.99 Delivered @ Play

King Arthur PC Game only £1.99 Delivered @ Play

Found 24th Dec 2010
Asda £9.91
Amazon £9.91
WH Smith £9.93
The Hut £9.93
Zavvi £9.95
Woolworths £9.97
Sendit £11.89
Lovefilm £11.93
Tesco £12.47
Base £17.99
Game £24.97
Gamestation £24.97

Players will guide the legendary King Arthur in the game and conquer the warring provinces of Britannia until they unite the realm
Meanwhile, they will recruit the fabled knights of the Round Table and send them on adventures, personally improving them to become the most powerful heroes of the realm
They will build the majestic Camelot and govern a growing realm, while commandeering spectacular battles where many thousands clash on the field
Every decision they make will determine Arthur's Morality as a king, creating their own legend
Play as King Arthur: a rightful ruler or ruthless monarch
Either a Christian or a pagan king


Not in stock

It is but £11.55!


It is but £11.55!

That's playtrade not play!
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