king kong ds £1.99 @ Sendit, is this one ok
king kong ds £1.99 @ Sendit, is this one ok

king kong ds £1.99 @ Sendit, is this one ok

Buy forBuy forBuy for£1.99
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
king kong ds £1.99 @ Sendit, is this one ok

Thought i'd have another go
I'm trying me best

as the boss says
" my best was never good enough" hahaha

I'm on a losing streak here arn't I.


Gotta love your determination! :thumbsup:

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Thanks matey

I was losing faith in myself there. :thumbsup:

Great Find. RESPECT.

See... it did alright! Nice one!

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Your building my confidence now. :-D

Don't take it to heart, there are a lot on here that have nothing better to do than criticize, vote cold and make no comment and generally take the p!ss . Keep posting and take no notice of those that discourage.

Cex give £3 cash

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Thanks, many thanks

The sky is the limit for me now.
I can go to bed happy in the knowledge I have made others happy.

Cheers :-D

Nice I just joined and ordered it for my son. Cheap game that, thanks.

This must be the cheapest DS game (brand new) ever on this forum.

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Yeah I have ordered it for my son,
nice little stocking filler.

good price and good find, but be warned, the game is probably one of the worst games ever released on the DS, it really is awful unfortunately

Topcashback do 3.5% on Sendit.

For £1.99 it's cheaper than renting it so if it is bad it will be the cheapest bad game I've ever bought him.

Availability: Available on order? :?

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I nearly paid £11.00 for this game a few months ago.
Glad I waited, £2.00 and free delivery,
even if it is a rubbish game you can't go wrong.
I'm sure the kids will get something out of it anyway.

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Available on order?

When you order the game
they then place orders with suppliers
according to what it says on their website.

Hope this is of help :-D

Many thanks OP - great find !
Voted hot.
Just bought one for my son and a spare as a cheap prezzie.

at £1.99, I don't care if its best use is to use the case as a coaster, I think its a great find. Heat added :-) xx

Thats a great find HOWEVER it really is a shocker on all platforms actually. Having said that kids will be happy for short bursts in the car etc.

Have some heat!

Must be OOS as cant find it

Page gone - probably out of stock

Thanks for placing your order with Sendit.com, order number *********

We are sorry to advise that your order for Peter Jackson's King Kong is no longer available at our suppliers. Please be assured that we have contacted alternative sources and regrettably we were unable to obtain your item.

Your order has been cancelled and no payment has been taken.

This product will be removed from our website in due course.

Thanks for your patience, should you have any further questions please contact us through your online account message centre or on 0844 801 0311 and we will be happy to help you.

Many Thanks,


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Yeah me too
well peaved about it.
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