King Kong Extended Edition 3 Disc set (2006) £3.48

King Kong Extended Edition 3 Disc set (2006) £3.48

Found 10th Dec 2009
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Epic remake of the adventure classic from acclaimed director peter jackson. in depression-era new york, unscrupulous filmmaker carl denham (jack black) is desperate to find a leading lady for his new picture. after a chance encounter, naive actress ann darrow (naomi watts) takes the role, and travels with denham and sensitive scriptwriter jack driscoll (adrien brody) to the mysterious skull island, deep in the indian ocean. there the filmmakers discover a secret, savage civilisation that time forgot, and that worships a terrifying, gigantic ape called kong (a motion-capture performance from andy serkis). when ann is captured to be sacrificed to kong, the ape becomes obsessed with her. denham uses this obsession to help capture kong and transport him back to new york, where he hopes he can make a fortune from exhibiting the creature. but after kong escapes, the ape unleashes his awesome power against the city in an attempt to find ann, the woman he truly loves, leading to a tragic conclusion atop the empire state building.


i still havent seen the end....

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i still havent seen the end....

It's a sex scene you'd never forget.:w00t:

:w00t: lmao

terrible terrible film :-(

The last thing you would want to buy is an extended version of this movie - its already 3 hours longer than it should have been
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