King of Shaves Azur Razor - £2.44 instore only @ Tesco
King of Shaves Azur Razor - £2.44 instore only @ Tesco

King of Shaves Azur Razor - £2.44 instore only @ Tesco

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Picked up one of these yesterday. It was priced up as £4.88 normally but has 50% off, available for £3.74 from kmishop.com. It comes with three blades and has won Which and FHM awards.

Not tired it yet though, has anyone else??


Yep, i found it awful.

Mach 3 all the way!

Tried it and didn't rate it very good.
The Quattro blades at 4 for a fiver are good as are the Fusion blades when you can get them on offer.

cut my face to ribbons...

went back to my mach 3

Tried it but didnt like the feel of this razor, MACH3 is better :thumbsup:

Tried it, didn't like it, BUT..... tried it again, and it's great, way better than a mach3, etc. It just took a bit of adjusting to as it's really close, like a bic type shave, but once you get used to holding it and realise you don't need to apply much pressure it's great.

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Cool, sounds like a bit of a mixed bag! Will have to finish off my fusion blades before I get to use it... tissues at the ready!

It's actually a pretty good razor, but you will take a couple of shaves to get used to it. I found I cut myself a few times till I figured it out.

I've been using this razor for about a month now and it's great!!! Haven't cut myself once. I always used to have a sore neck where hairs grew in different directions - but not since using this. :thumbsup:

Worst shaver in the world. But me up so badly!

My tip would be to get a Fusion and then find out how to keep it sharp on your jeans on google. One blade will apparently last up to six months. I started doing this a few weeks ago and it's still as sharp as the first shave!

......I got meself one of these when sainsburys were knocking them out cheap, and all the blades and.................well, i don't go along with this 'cut mesel to ribbons' carry on but..........I can't shave that bit just below me nose...........and me nose isn't that big. :?

Get the feeling that home bargains or poundland will have truckload of these in the next few months.
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