King Of Shaves Hyperglide Razor - better than half price - £5 @ Tesco

King Of Shaves Hyperglide Razor - better than half price - £5 @ Tesco

Found 4th May 2014
Unique patented Hyperglide superhydrophilic cartridge

Hydrogel delivers amazing razor glide and shave comfort

Active flex hinge for progressive blade control

5 long lasting narrower blades

Precision trimming blade on the rear

1 push cartridge release button

Ergonomic part alloy handle with non slip grip

Wall sucker and handle holder also included

Ideal for sensitive skin

Designed and made in the UK
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Hyperglide superhydrophilic cartridges are sooo 2013

is it catching??
Very good price!
are these better than guilette fusion?

are these better than guilette fusion?

Personal preference really. I don't get on with these at all, but some swear by them. I get a lot of irritation from these.
i got one and had the worst shaving experience of my life, but some folk swear by them.

might be worth a punt
Buy a double edged razor as good as any of these fancy razors! And much cheaper!
5 blades is just too much. More blades doesn't make a better razor. My choice is 3 bladed Wilkinson's Hydro.
Tried one of these ages ago, couldn't get on with it. Found angle of shave head to flat.
worst razor I have ever used don't buy.
Heard King of Shaves is crapper than Wilkinson Sword - In my experience Gillette are about 5 times better than WS in both comfort and longevity of blade, so these things must be unbelievably awful to be worse than WS!
not to be confused with azor 5, this is an amazing razor launched just recently. and this is an amazing deal. see reviews of it online at amazon and boots etc.

are these better than guilette fusion?

imho no, any more than 5oclock shadow and they struggle. also cleaning stubble from in-between the blades isn't the best
Tried king of shaves blades before. Never again. Their shave gels, oils etc are exceptional but their blades are just rubbish.

As for wilkinson sword... are they not made by gillette ?

I use these often, always stock up when a shop has a clear out!
I have no problems at all, and the blades seem to last a bit longer than gillette too.
these are a marmite product
Lets be honest, a lot more people hate them than like...

I switch blades whenever I find something on a good sale price so shave angle is no problem, you learn by the second swipe!
Tried one and the head angled in such a way that it was impossible to shave just under my nostrils, I was left with lots of nicks too. It took about three times as long to finish the job compared to Gillette Fusion too. I can shave with my eyes closed with a GF and do a good job in under five minutes, no nicks at all.
Awful shavers, could have 20 blades on it will still be cheap dire carp, horrid plastic handles. Fusion blades are four for £5 at asda
Half the comments here are probably referring to the Azor and not this model, these hyperglides are really not the same at all.

And you couldn't try these ages ago as it is a newish product.
Here is a good price for it also over on Groupon

£3.98 for Azor 5 razor with two blades (56% off)
£3.98 for Azor 5 sensitive razor with two blades (56% off)
£4.99 for four Azor 5 blades (44% off)
£7.99 for eight Azor 5 blades (56% off)
£12.98 for sixteen Azor 5 blades (64% off)

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