King size Duck feather/down 13.5 tog duvet Argos £29.59 C&C

King size Duck feather/down 13.5 tog duvet Argos £29.59 C&C

Found 28th Dec 2014
For a 13.5 tog feather king duvet this is an excellent price. I've searched all other retailers and none come close to price.

Good reviews too.

Not available for delivery

I also had my £5 Argos voucher from before Xmas so got an extra discount


It is 100% feather, no down, where did you that from?!

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In the questions/answers it says 85/15

I bought mine a few months ago, feels very light and luxurious. But a bit too warm, wish I went for 10.5 tog. Hope it helps someone.


2 words.

Hutterite Duvet.

yummmmy sleeeeeps.

Unlike those from Ikea and John Lewis, Argos duvets aren't ethically-sourced with feathers and down plucked from live birds.

live feathers v dead feather debate coming on.... have heat.

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Just to add. mine didn't come in a bag as pictured on the website. Whilst unpacking I checked the label on the duvet and it is 100% feather as the website describes. So be careful if you are looking for down as the person above. If it comes in the White bag it should be down /feather.

If you're concerned ask to see it before you buy it.

Expired! now £37

I'd rather have dead feathers in my duvet
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