King Size Duvet Cover Sets £3.25 @ Asda Direct

King Size Duvet Cover Sets £3.25 @ Asda Direct

Found 28th Feb 2013
I just ordered 2 double sets @ £2.75 each & 2 king sets @ £3.25 each but be QUICK!!!

Asda are having a clearout of their bedding instore , but also a few bargains to be had online...

Will post the few left below

Don't forget Quidco

Delivery is £2.95 or free click & collect :-)



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Other king size duvet ; HERE

( looks like all the double sets are OOS now )


Great ty

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Worth a try but doubt I'll get my double ones as dilly dallied for ages with them in my basket while I checked out some plastic storage boxes I needed , so as soon as I posted this deal straight after checkout I noticed the doubles were all OOS already!


I've ruined a lot of duvets

Oh no! Hope you get them, I ordered king. Bargains to be had!

Good deal thanks got a king

Thanks Op, looks like there are quite a few nocturnals on here. Off to bed
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The King orders should go through if you are quick!!

When you think about it these aren't much more than what you'd pay for 2 pillowcases anyway which you get in the sets (_;)

I nearly fell off me bed when I saw the prices lol but needed some storage boxes and to make delivery charge worthwhile I thought I'd have a look at them , should get the 2 x kingsize sets arrive for my daughter anyway & it will be a BONUS if either of the double sets arrive , if not , will teach me to not faff about as always!

thanks ordered 2 heat add....

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Only the natural floral one in post 1 left now

Looks like the night owls snapped up the bedding! (_;)

Got a neutral set for £3.25 sorted

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Oh bum , all OOS now - Well done to those who got any , my daughter will be pleased!

Just had my order cancelled as item was OOS. Total BS lol


Just had my order cancelled as item was OOS. Total BS lol

And mine.

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Sorry about that

My order status still says 'placed' with no cancellation e-mail , yet! x

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Oh dear , the king size one which matches my daughters decor has been CANCELLED

The one which doesn't match but I think is nicer ( the red flower one ) is ok & I'm getting BOTH of my double ones which is amazing! x

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Order being delivered today!
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