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Kingdom Come Deliverance + Free From The Ashes DLC (Fanatical, Windows) £12.39 @ Fanatical

Kingdom Come Deliverance + Free From The Ashes DLC (Fanatical, Windows) £12.39 @ Fanatical

Posted 27th Oct
From humble blacksmith to a noble warrior... and now a newly appointed bailiff!

It's time to visit the beautiful medieval world of Bohemia in

the action RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance + FREE From the Ashes DLC Pack -

now at the BEST EVER price for 48 hours or while stocks last!

With this Steam PC pack, you'll experience what all the fuss was

about from its early days on Kickstarter as you take on the role of

Henry, who joins the resistance under Lord Radzig Kobyla to bring the

evil Sigismund to justice.

As well as its unique first-person combat mechanics with over 30

target zones, the game is a true representation of a non-linear approach

to gaming - feel free to wander the many towns and villages across this

huge open-world game, choosing missions as you wish.

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From the Ashes DLC, the first DLC to

be released for the game, gives you the role of building a new village

from the ground up. Choose what to build and where it is positioned,

settle disputes between citizens and ensure that the materials are in

place to expand your settlement.
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Requires a gtx 660/750ti or better for 1080p at 30fps.
Great game but you need to be invested in it or it will break you.

I can run it fairly well with my rig : Asus Z170-A Mobo | Intel i7-6700k 4GHz | MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G | 16GB DDR4 3000MHz PC4-22400 | Hanns-G HH281 28" LCD | Win10 Pro
Amazing game. Uber realistic. Combat will initially be very hard but persevere and you will be cutting down thieves, knights and anyone that will stand in your way.
rubbish your money for something better
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