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Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition (PS4 / Xbox One) - £19.95 new @ Game Collection
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Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition (PS4 / Xbox One) - £19.95 new @ Game Collection

Posted 10th Aug
Kingdom Come: Deliverance throws you into an immersive and epic adventure set during the days of the Roman Empire. Set off on an RPG quest to avenge your parents' death.

Face enemies on your travels and choose your plan of attack. Distance, stealth or melee – it's up to you.

Explore majestic castles, far-reaching forests, bustling villages and make game-altering decisions as you come across a host of characters and situations.

Includes the base game plus 5 expansions.

PS4 - Game Collection thegamecollection.net/kin…s4/

XBox One - Game Collection

PS4 - Currys

XBox One - Currys
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Note: Also currently £19.97 @ Currys

Had originally posted it as a combined deal but seems to have been edited by the powers that be.

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All the DLC is on the disc bar one thing and that's included in a game update which is (obviously) downloaded for free.
Ahh I'd love to get this and try to get into it again. I loved everything except the combat, I struggled so much with it. I managed to beat the first boss, Runt, and then just didn't have the will to continue. I've always regretted giving it up because every other aspect of the game I just adored. Anyone else in the same boat? I know it's probably just me being rubbish at the combat but for the life of me I just couldn't get used to it.
Re: Combat

I just ended up getting a high damage sabre and just stabbed at everything - seemed to work well enough!
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