Kingdom Hearts 2 - £9.99 delivered

Kingdom Hearts 2 - £9.99 delivered

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"KINGDOM HEARTS II follows Sora, Donald, and Goofy on their continuing quest. Sora is looking for his lost friends Kairi and Riku, while Donald and Goofy are searching for their missing king.

It has been a year since the events of KINGDOM HEARTS. Sora and friends are joined by a vibrant new cast of characters, including the king himself! Together, they will encounter countless dangers in worlds both familiar and brand-new. It seems the Heartless, or at least some form of them, still exist. A new villain also awaits, hidden by a mask. Is it someone familiar or a new opponent to be confronted? This mystery and others will be solved as the story unfolds in a grand adventure."

Not the cheapest of games ever posted on here, but certainly one of the best! Read some reviews here -…ts2 - perfect for children of all ages, but definitely one that adults will enjoy too!


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Since this is slipping at a dramatic rate, and people normally lap up any sort of terrible movie/TV spin off for this price - this is a collaboration between Disney and Square Enix, it's also a fantastic game and if you've got a young kid please buy them this instead of the aforementioned terrible movie/TV spin off game :P

Nice find

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Thanks! Just really hope people that wouldn't normally try it will give it a go at this price! It's one of the worst selling licensed games afaik in the UK, which is absolutely crazy when you consider it's also one of the best!

I played the first and found it very good. I don't know why the franchise performs so badly in Europe.

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Nor me! Not sure why so many people have voted it cold either, ah well!

the 1st one was brilliant.
reckon with a bit of luck you might get most of this cost back on a trade in and the game hasnt come out on the budget range i dont think.

I'll turn up the heat on it.

I enjoyed KH1, but haven't play KH2; friends said it's great. Very good price for a nice game.

However, Japan released another version of KH2, which also includes the GBA game: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I know it's in Japan only at the mement, and I don't think we will get it in UK anytime soon (probably never). But if your PS2/PS3 can play Japanese version disc, I'd suggest tried to get the one with CoM.

I bought this game from Dixons last week (instore) for 9.99, definately worth it. If you dont like it,it still has a good trade in value, and you can even use in it one of those chart title trade in offers at blockbusters (it still being classed a new game on their list) and get a new game for only 9.99 etc

I loved kingdom hearts 1 and have wanted this game for a while. Could justify spending £30.00 quid on myself but sure I could spen a tenner - nice one!

Thanks, voted hot.

This'll go nicely with the PS2 deal I picked up from here!

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np! Just glad people are showing this game the attention it deserves now


I ordered this from play but unfortunately its the platinum version. Same game but carrying a stigma. Play need to change the listing.

Rang them up and arranged a £2.50 partial discount. So £7.50 in total. :thumbsup:

Probably could have got more discount if I wanted but I thought this was fair.

Please beware if you plan to purcahse this game.

still 10 is awesome price for the game, but the extra 2.5 even better
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