Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Special Edition £17.99 @ Play
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Special Edition £17.99 @ Play

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Special Edition £17.99 @ Play

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Also normal edition @ £14.99

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Special Edition Includes:
2 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep artprints
48 page hardback artwork book "The Art of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep"


# Discover the Untold Story
Discover unknown origins to the storyline of the Kingdom Hearts series. Immerse yourself in the epic story, and discover all-new mysteries and secrets in a compelling new adventure from Disney and Square Enix!

# A Magical, Interwoven Storyline
Play as any of the three heroes - Terra, Ventus or Aqua - as you embark on a unique journey for each of them, exploring amazing new worlds and unleashing their incredible new abilities. Complete all three adventures to learn the whole story!

# Breathtaking Visuals
Awe-inspiring graphics make this one of the most dazzling games ever made for the PlayStation Portable

# Unleash Powerful Abilities
The attacks and magic familiar from the Kingdom Hearts series have been enhanced with some spectacular new abilities. Organise your attacks with Deck Commands, master the art of Shotlocks to unleash devastating attacks on multiple enemies, and become a force to be reckoned with as your character's unique Command Styles evolve to take on ever more powerful fighting forms!

# Enhance Your Skills with the Command Board
As you continue your quest, you'll unlock the Command Board to earn valuable bonuses. The Command Board is a dice-rolling strategy game for up to three players.

Use your Commands on the Command Board and make them power up for the main adventure!

# Borrow Help From Allies
Use the all-new Dimension Link to call on characters that you meet from different worlds, and borrow their amazing and varied unique abilities to help on your adventure!

# Multiplayer Fun!
Connect wirelessly with up to six players in Mirage Arena, the exhilarating new multiplayer mode! Suit up in unique armour to win medals and extra bonuses for the single-player adventure

Versus Mode - battle against others where it's every player for themselves

Arena Mode - join forces with your allies to defeat waves of dangerous enemies

Rumble Racing - transform your Keyblade and ride it in thrilling hover races

Roll the dice with your friends on the Command Board, a game of strategy where up to three players compete by rolling dice for an even more exciting experience!


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Normal Edition

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next cheapest is £26.85 at shopto!

i've ordered before it goes out of stock. though i shouldnt really be getting this as i wanted it badly for my PSPgo but they refuse to do it as a download!

excellant price

I downloaded this the other day, gave it a few minutes play and it seems pretty good for a disney rpg.

Amazing price for an amazing game. Buy it now.

Excellent deal, just ordered. Thanks.

Already downloaded this, but Kingdom Hearts is so good I might aswell buy it at this price. Ordered, Cheers!

I should have waited
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