Kingdom of Heaven Blu Ray 1p @ Tesco instore

Kingdom of Heaven Blu Ray 1p @ Tesco instore

Found 24th Feb 2010
Following the £2 instore deal on Flags of Our Fathers I went and scanned most of the reduced Blu Rays. Kingdom of Heaven scanned at 1p and I got two for 2p and a Flags of Our Fathers for £2!!!

This is my first post. I was chuffed but prob a good idea to bring to self scan tills if poss.


this has been posted already-tesco removed them from sale before cos they thought the price was a mistake so good to know they are back on the shelves

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oh right. Sorry didn't know it had been posted before.

I got two in a big tesco near me but when I went to the other one nearby the next day they had none so probably very limited numbers!!

I tried a lot of these in Bristol inc Flags and Kingdom, and they all scanned at the price on the ticket i.e. around £9/£10 so I think it must be store specific.

Which stores was this? So I know not to visit them!

Cracking good film
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