Kingdom Rush Origins 64p @  Google play

Kingdom Rush Origins 64p @ Google play

Found 23rd Dec 2014
Final Google play post. 66% off the third installment in the Kingdom Rush series. Was £1.88 now priced in line with the ios version which is on sale and posted.

Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.


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Sorry for the lack of image but I cannot get Google play image URLs to work on the app. If anyone can add?

I do wish they'd allow you to "zoom out" - even on 10" or 12" Android tablet you have to scroll while on iPad (even mini) the whole map is visible? Sure aspect ratio is not the same but I'd rather have black bars but see the whole map then scroll?

Saddly Offers in-app purchases.

Also 64p on Amazon app store


Saddly Offers in-app purchases.

Wait for a Humble version. (Last one had all those stripped out).

Great game. thanks for the headsup

Great game, heat added.


Saddly Offers in-app purchases.

They're completely optional though! You'll unlock heroes as you naturally progress through the game and can choose to further purchase heroes if you feel the need.

Great game at a great price! Why wait for the possibility of a humble bundle when you could be saving £2 now and be playing this excellent game today Heat!
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