Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (XBox 360) £7.99 @ Game + Free Delivery

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (XBox 360) £7.99 @ Game + Free Delivery

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Found 1st Mar 2009
A new chapter of the critically acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series is in development exclusively for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Departing from the action RTS formula seen in previous Kingdom Under Fire games, Circle of Doom, is an innovative action RPG that makes full use of the Xbox 360 processing power to create a revolutionary gaming experience. Players will explore vast and randomly generated maps while battling groups of monsters attacking from all directions. As the game progresses, the heroes will find increasingly advanced and spectacular ways to defeat enemies using new weapons and learning new abilities. Players can even create their own arsenal by combining existing weapons and enhancements.

Taking full advantage of the Xbox 360 console's online features, Circle of Doom seamlessly merges single and multiplayer modes. Players may choose to play alone, or recruit up to three people to continue their quest as a two- to four-player co-op team via Xbox LIVE, without switching modes. This next installment immerses gamers into fast and bloodthirsty action, with stylish fighting moves executed with easy and intuitive controls.

Dark and Twisted Reality. In Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom gamers will travel through dark and twisted alternative dimensions. The beautifully detailed environments in this innovative action RPG include a forest, a lava cave, arid and icy wastelands, a European palace, and the inside of a large creature. Players can also access each character's dream world to add quests for new abilities and discover more about the alternative dimensions.

New characters offer unique weapons of choice. Players can choose from a cast of six unique characters with different combat styles and abilities. Experiment with more than 50 abilities, 60 enhancements and an infinite combination of weapons, abilities and spells in Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.

Unique gameplay modes provide variety of action. In Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, single and multiplayer co-op modes are seamlessly merged and integrated into the story line. Gamers have the option of playing alone or recruiting additional players to continue their quest, without switching modes, via Xbox LIVE.

An expansive gaming experience. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will include 40-50 hours of single-player gameplay and require more than 100 hours to experience everything the game has to offer. Randomly generated maps with fully destructible worlds provide high replay value with a new experience every time a gamer restarts a particular stage.

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